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AutoModerator is effective at accomplishing this?

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AutoModerator is effective at accomplishing this, but it won't prevent players unless this subreddit were to be content only from submitting questions or OSRS content. Furthermore, it seems that many posts fitting this criteria are posts from users who will gravitate towards 2007 Runescape later being redirected, which happens in the remarks already. If we were to try that with AutoModerator, posts would likely get removed or filtered that are on issue. If a post is needlessly filtered, eliminated this may create some frustration for our everyday customers, or receives an automated reply that is irrelevant to the post subject.

For a time, we used to have an AutoModerator configuration which attempted to filter those articles, so it had been promptly removed, but there were far too many false positives along with posts which weren't filtered. Our reasons for needing to filter these articles were to remove posts which have an abysmal phishing url (potentially putting different users at risk) and removing posts which tried to inquire Jagex because of help related to a hijacking after receiving one of these emails (Rule 7).

We may be able to boost our Account Support Wiki pages by adding information, while mechanically flagging these posts may not be practical. The RuneScape Wiki has some info in regard to these scams in addition to many others which are located inside and out of Runescape. I see, I only find it quite sad to see some content developers post their OSRS themed content or questions on here and get essentially rejected by the sub (who are often clueless about the other OSRS themed subs), although this sub is for both game titles as you stated.

Yes, they have linked to the other sub but sometimes they tend to delete the article here and just keep it. If a reply doesn't work a warning that appears before posting? We all know of the bottom into the OSRS sub at the Partner Subreddits section, but most people who post OSRS only themed articles, do not even appear there, since they did not knew the existence of the 2007 Runescape subreddit and are grateful when the people who comment mention, its getting clear that the base leading to the sub par on the side bar isn't enough. I had believed the phishing one would be hard to execute, props. On filtering many men and women click on matters, phishing urls before thinking 16, I concur.

However, yea about phishing some more action might have to be accepted, these malicious groups are improving their ways to catch unsuspecting victims more and more nowadays. I've even seen some bad attempts to phishing being submitted on this sub that lead to bogus forums and I am glad they've been eliminated before anyone fell victim.

The actual problem with phishing posts may also be the spam that the sub will eventually receive, phishing emails have been sent in a tide to various emails of potential players, let us say like 10 percent of these have a reddit account, they are going to want to warn everyone else of the effort and so there will be several articles looking exactly the same, all which may be oblivious it's been posted earlier. It can eventually find dull. Which then can lead others to dismiss a fictitious clueless player who's asking if it's true or not, that's the reason why I suggested an automatic response of some sort, at least a small warning to take caution or something like that. Additionally thanks for clarifying that the email to forward phishing emails has become over, I knew of the forum thread, but not that they stopped the email.

I'm not sure that sums up the planned message. My remark explains why these two changes haven't been made along with some info that is related. The first being that Runescape is to get its RuneScape community as a whole (not just RS3), and the second being automatic filtering for this kind of post was attempted and found to not be possible to correctly accomplish. We are open to suggestions that would be possible to execute without detracting from the purpose of this subreddit and its community.
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posted Jul 15 by Wuyahong

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Capped Trading- Straight forward It will likely be rendered ineffective if updates are implemented. Gravestones- They were created to stop people trading from death, and allow people to retrieve items. DA tournaments- Originally created to bring back staking. But, they continue to fail horribly even after the numerous updates. Revenants were designed to replace pkers. People complain that they are too powerful. But they are very poor. They're still too powerful in F2P.

Jagex is able to remove the content. Old Bounty Hunter- A crater was created out of space, crushing all wild, old spots of pking like the large bone and the tiny bone yard.

Pvp Worlds- The amount pvp realms has been reduced to around two over time. DA tournaments. The original one was taken down and replaced with some shizzlety stuff which fails equally. The changes made it difficult to do certain things. Shops run by players These sections are used to sell goods and services through forums. Rune running- A good way for people making money, natures laws, airs etc.

Duel Arena- It was once a method to make big bets and lose big. Trading- Self-explanatory. Pking- Self explicatory. Merchanting- Self explanation. Still possible but not very practical. Hotspots for trading such as Varrock, Falador and all five of the first worlds were filled with traders in different areas.

In my mind, there is an opportunity to boost the number of skills to 99 and earn a lot of money. I'm thinking of setting a aim to create 100k+ yew longbows and then get 99 Woodcutting and Fletching. What I'm looking for are "supplies", which include: Create 100k+ Pure Essence, and transform it into Nature runes.

After I have gotten all of the supplies, I would fletch the 100k+ longbows and then high alch the longbows. I'll be rewarded for a job well-done with 70+mil plus three 99's. This is quite impressive. I would like to know what you think about my goal. If it's an "In your dreams" goal or a "Your crazy mind" kind of goal. Please leave your thoughts, and my Woodcutting level is currently at 96, which is a yews/hour ratio. I don't know how long it'll take. It may take over four months...

This is Why You Should Begin

Here are the advantages of begging. It's probably not beneficial at first, but it will get simpler once you have met a decent man/woman. Benefits: By asking for money, you don't improve your combat skills. The great thing about this is that you are able to choose from a variety of possibilities and you can beg whenever you want.

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Let's first discuss the wilderness borders. There was no safe zone prior to 2007. This wilderness design is one of the fundamentals, and it includes safe zones. Although you may claim that they should not be removed, they do disrupt any currently pvp battles. The idea is to move into a secure zone and it also concentrates fighting around them.

This is a defeat for the primary purpose of the lawless area. We need to consider whether we can get a new redesigned wilderness, either like the one in BH Worlds or the one we have now. This brings up another problem, current activities in the wilderness that weren't present before. Do they stay or go and what impact could this have.

Personally, I'd like to move all the minigames (Clan Wars FOG Sealing off Deamonhiem Defender of Varrock, and Sealing off Deamonhiem) However, the three quests make it very difficult. The Defender of Varrock and Summer questline both contain large chunks of the wilderness. If we assume that the quests will stay, I believe it would be best to instancing the entire quest. What exactly do I mean by this? You are completely on your own once you get to the quest's start point, or when you enter the wilds as part of the story of the Defender of Varrack. While this would slightly change the quest it wouldn't affect it in any way.

Green Dragons and armoured Zombies, Chaos Ele, and other similar things must be the same. However, I think the most effective training location should be a little risky. But the Corporeal beast is a fascinating aspect, and I'm sure it would be fun to barrage runners going to the cave the boss's mechanic is unique in RS in that you will be banking a number of times because of the high risk nature. If the entrance was relocated closer to the border of the wildy, it could be more appealing as it is currently just past level 20, the cut-off point for telegraphs.

Summoning also presents a challenge, I would far prefer unique basic game restrictions and lending could be easily solved by not allowing lent weapons in the wilderness, summoning combat level must be adjusted. It would be very convenient to be able at all times, to remove everything as in the rest RS. Additionally, limiting pouches this way in pvp environments feels unnatural. There is no solution to this issue. Perhaps the best solution is to leave it in the form of "pouchin create, fight goes down"

Last but not least, you can't have pvp wilderness areas. Never. There was one thing missing from pvp/bh worlds: the thrill of the wild. It was the best handling of it I've ever seen in any game.

Pvp meeting pve players. While it wasn't required, non-pvpers could to to join potential pvp to earn rewards. My earlier point on quests is that everyone should have the ability to gain access to the content. But, making certain worlds "safety" defeats all of it. This is the aspect I'm concerned about the most, if there is an uninvolved world that doesn't be attacked, it negates the point of it all, an element of risk.

There is no reason for a runecrafter to use a the abyss of danger since there's a safe one to use one hop away. Armoured zombie runners can run on safe worlds and then move to more dangerous ones after they have gotten out of the wilderness. This would be true for all worlds. This is a request. Don't promote the idea of safe worlds or the half-assed wilderness. That would defeat the purpose and degrade the enjoyment of wildy.

Wilderness and Free Trade

Since free trade and wilderness are under discussion What will happen to items that were initially designed in order to replace them? A quick history lesson: GE- was founded around a month prior to the infamous changes that substituted free trade.

At first, the armor of the ancient warriors was designed as statuettes. The drop in pvp was so terrible in the past that they decided to make them luck drops so you could get them.

Statuettes: These statuettes introduced with the new bounty hunter systems, provided hope to those who were looking for great loots. Estimated potential was introduced with new bounty hunter systems. It gave players an indication of their chances to get decent loot. PvP worlds were created to replace the bounty hunter system, which had many worlds but then has now been cut down to a handful of worlds.

Hotspots are areas that provide loot that is more 'kinder to players. Clan Wars- One of the very first minigames to allow the use of F2P. They replaced massive wilderness fights between clans. New Bounty Hunter- After many months of pvp, Jagex made loot kinder and provided a brand new method to play pk.

FFA Arenas - This is the least important thing in Runescape. The latest update brought with it a package that destroyed clan warfare for ever. It managed decrease the number of arenas and made the experience more boring. The arena is dangerous. Request assistance - This was made because we were unable to exchange items to make new ones, e.g. making armor to lower levels, air/law/etc running.

Capped Trading- Straight forward It will likely be rendered useless if the updates do go ahead. Gravestones- Were created so players could not trade after death, and let people regain items. DA tournaments were created to bring back the staking system. However, they fail badly, even with the most recent update. Revenants- Created to replace the pkers, some complained that they were too powerful however they're poor. They're still too powerful in F2P.

Evidence that Jagex does not remove content... Old Bounty Hunter- Was one of the first new methods of pking, a crater appeared from out of space, and it smashed all the wildy old pking sites like the big bone, and small bone yards were destroyed; you can include the number in your article in case you've have read this far.

Pvp worlds- They have reduced pvp worlds over time to around two. DA tournaments- They have replaced the old one with some shizzlety crap that also fails as much. Some things that were affected by the changes. Shops owned by players- These sections are used to sell products and services on forums. The rune-based business model is an excellent way to make money.

Duel Arena- It was once a method to make big bets and lose big. Trading- Self-explanatory. Pking- Self explicatory. Merchanting- It is still possible to do so. It is still possible, but the technology is outdated. Hotspots for trading: Varrock, Falador. All five continents had trading zones which were always crowded. Different regions included different goods.

I've just thought of ways you could develop various skills up to 99 and earn a substantial profit. I'm considering making a goal to alch 100k or more yew longbows made from scratch, and then get 99 Woodcutting Fletching, Woodcutting, and Mage. It is my responsibility to obtain the following "supplies".

Once I have all the supplies in hand, I will flytch my 100k+ longbows. Then, I will high alch my longbows. After a great job, I will be rewarded with 70+ mil and three 99s. It's really nice. I would like to know your opinions about my goals and whether its a good goal, or maybe if its an "In your dreams", or a "Your beyond your mind" kind of goal, if you understand what i mean. Please leave your thoughts and my woodcutting level atm is at 96, which is a yews/hour ratio. It could take some time. Perhaps it will take 4 months.
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You can increase your kills by using the fire cape/ bandos armorand chaotic weapons. This can help you save the cost of expensive party hats. You can save money by investing in the effigies of bosses (ONLY SOLO’S) to more expensive skills such as herblore. The people who are afraid to boss because of their lack of experience can perform massive favors for bosses and even hope to get rich by using the lootshare system.

Disadvantages----Takes extremely long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or torva armour from nex and can get frustrating but the effort is well worth it. It's not typical to see a lot of drops before you gain more requirements, such as extremes, turmoil and chaotic weapons in order to be able join good teams. Discuss whether there are advantages or disadvantages of bossing.

I'm level 129, I started playing RS about a month prior to when RS2 was launched. Since I was in middle school at the time it was easy to find the time (days) to play RS. I meant that I was a normal child with good academics. I also did normal sports. But when you're than young, there's only so much stuff you can accomplish, and I was among the very first people in my freaking county to have DSL back then (Still are using it fuuuu.png), so what did I have to lose by having my scapes on? God know how much about computers this game taught me as a 11-year old self.

I am not here to smother your face with nostalgia. In the last year RS has released mounds of updates that are high-level including turmoil (which I don't like), chaotic weapons godwars, godwars, nex corp, and all sorts of crap. Although I am not averse to the requirements, there are many other things I don’t have, but if I had the time permitted, I'd certainly have them.

The aspect of RuneScape that has seen the biggest change is the community. The majority of older players who were members of clans with large numbers, have grown up in the past three years since PKing was eliminated. The new era has arrived, and there is no going back. Adding the wildness to your game will not make anything better. PVP is, as I must admit, turned into an unforgiving competition.
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He is the Lord of the title, which is logical. Again, Sir Amik is a knight, not a lord like Daquarius. So, what think you? Would a knight really be allowed to rule the kingdom? Oh and sorry for a few things that aren't related, I copied and pasted it directly from a blog article I wrote on the RSOF.

The grave situation doesn't make sense to me. For those who don't believe, there is a belief that grave stones won’t be blessed and people will steal you loot. I fail to understand the issue in this particular situation, even though it was identical pre 07 but you didn’t have a 6-minute grace period to pick up your items.

One of the arguments that have been raised is that the arrival of new bosses doesn't necessarily mean death. Really? The Tormented Demons, an updated boss, was released in 2008. As far as I can tell, even if my friend and I bless each other (he blesses me, but he has yet died) I can always make the trip back in three minutes. The whole argument about gravestone blessing is meaningless. It's not really a matter of if your grave has been blessed. It's still possible to get back.

Corpreal Beast on the other hand has been deliberately designed to avoid the gravestone mechanic. I'm sure Jagex took a look and hung there heads with shame on the care bear bosses without chance of a risk, and therefore created a system to ignore gravestones. If you don't have the time to get to your home in two minutes, what else should it be?

Finally Nex. I have yet to fight her. However, given that the majority of people believe Jagex to be working on this update for a long time, you'd be fair to argue that Nex would have been designed to include these mechanics. Although a bless can help bring back to where you are, it is strongly believed that Nex would have included this option.

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