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Having the ability to endlessly do boss tasks is op?

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Having the ability to endlessly do boss tasks is op. Runescape is balanced about other jobs. This is fundamentally free slayer xp and bonus damage for actions that we already do (bossing off task). From now on people will do supervisors on task because of it. You can state they would balance tasks that are particular to be infrequent, but what is common? That are common to be delegated and it will make the boss overall easier to acquire kc in. Then there would likely be problems with overcrowding (there is indeed this could make it even worse). Unless they decreased the slayer xp given drastically then and removed the ability to utilize slayer helmet it would be making Runescape more easy. They said themselves that they shelved it and that these are issues they cant resolve. Sorry but not sorry you will be getting your easyscape upgrade.

Not true with proper weighting that is on doing exactly what they were intending. It is already incredibly easy to get a Kalphite or Sire job yet we have no problem discovering open worlds for people do we? It doesn't make it any easier than it already is. Especially considering they had been planning on weighting the hard to acquire boss tasks low it would be quite like Duradel handing out a Graardor or Zily job (~1/500). People who need a slayer manager master to not be worked on by the slayer helm are dented for certain.

You're so full of shit because they didn't state that, they shelved it because of dented heads like you not listening to the Q&A or even knowing how to read the blog posts. You started frothing at the mouths without even thinking they knew what they were talking about. Mod Arcane said on the Q&A that they are easily able to create the sexier boss jobs a minimal weight so that it doesn't ruin their rarity, making the slayer helm bonus never ovepowered.

If there's one life skill that OSRS drilled into me

Anyone else feel the same way? I'm constantly setting goals for myself and that I keep my focus on the finish line, get there, and wind up having fonder memories of this journey. I know that it's a common notion but OSRS helped me to understand it. I had exactly the same sweaty grind for western hard, although for me it opened up a lot of fun choices it made things way more fun. Red chin spot without bots. Mage defence, range attack, BIS vorkath raids two and 1 equipment? Got all that covered. And last but not least crystal fucking halberd that item slaps tougher than anything you have equip. Does the splats on nearly every slayer task and 99 str / peity / on job it can cross a TIMES TWO. Being a 2h it has got some baller precision too so 100 harm is pretty typical, with 30 percent per spec it's a fucking monster, so goddamn gratifying.
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posted Jun 17 by Wuyahong

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Summoning can be difficult. It's very useful to be able, at all times, to drop everything, just like in the rest RS. Also, restricting pouches this way in pvp environments feels unnatural. I have no solution to this issue, but maybe the best option is to simple keep it in the form of "pouch in invent, combat goes up"

The most important point, do not have pvp wilderness worlds. Never. The thrill of the wilderness offered one thing that the pvp/bh realms were lacking and that was the most efficient management I've ever witnessed.

Pvp meeting pve players. The wild had a limited amount of resources, such as dragons, treasure trails and rune. Non-pvpers had the option to take the risk of stepping into potential pvp areas to earn rewards. It wasn't mandatory. My earlier point on quests is that every player should have the ability to access the content. However, ensuring the worlds "safety" defeats all of it. This is the thing that I am most concerned about. A safe world where there are no threats to the world is not what the game was designed for.

Runecrafters shouldn't go to the dangerous abyss, as there are safe ones just one step away. You can easily run on a safe planet and jump over to a more dangerous world after you've left the wild, and this could work with any world. This is a request. Don't propagate the notion that "safe" realms are found in the wild. It defeats the purpose and hinders the pleasure of being in the wilderness.

Wilderness and Free Trade

Wilderness and free trade are being debated. What happens to things which were designed to replace it? A quick background... GE- was established about a year prior to the infamous changes to free trade.

At first, the ancient warriors gear was made like statuettes. The drop in pvp was so bad back then that they made them luck drops to ensure you could get them.

Statuettes - Launched as a part of the brand new bounty hunting system, the statuettes provided a chance for excellent loots or good money for Pkers. The estimated potential was introduced with the new bounty hunters system and gave people an idea of their odds to get good loot. PvP Worlds- These worlds were designed to replace the old bounty hunter. There were several worlds in one go however, they have been reduced to very few.

Hotspots- Areas where loot was "kinder" to the player. Clan Wars- One of the very first minigames to allow for f2p. They replaced massive wilderness fights between clans. The new Bounty Hunter- After many months of pvp, jagex made loot kinder and provided a brand new method to pk.

FFA arenas- Possibly the most useless thing in Runescape This update was released as a bundle that ended clan wars forever, it was able to decrease the number of people there and make it an overall more boring experience. I won't even get started on the dangers of the arena. Ask for assistance. This was after we couldn’t swap items for different ones. making armor to lower levels, air/law/etc running.

Capped Trading- Simple It will likely be rendered useless if the updates are implemented. Gravestones - Were made in order to make sure that individuals would not trade in the event of their death and allow them to retrieve items. DA tournamentswere created to help restore staking. It fails badly even after changes. Revenantswere designed to replace the pkers. But, they're too weak and they have become poor. But they are too strong for F2P.

Jagex can remove content. Old Bounty Hunter was one of the first methods to Pking. A crater from space was discovered and destroyed the entire wildy.

PvP worlds over time - they've reduced the number of countries that can be pvp to two. DA tournaments - The old one was removed and replaced with some shizzlety crap which is equally ineffective. The changes made it difficult to do certain things. Shops run by players These sections are used to sell products and services through forums. Running is a great way for people making money, natures laws, airs etc.

Duel Arena- Previously, a way for people to bet and win big or lose huge. Trading- Self explanatory. Pking- Self explanitory. Merchanting- Self explanation. Still possible but not very practical. Hotspots for trading: Varrock, Falador. All five continents had trading zones which were always crowded. Different areas included different goods.

I've been thinking of a way to train multiple skills to the level of 99 and at same time make a great profit from it, in my opinion. I'm considering making a goal to alch 100k or more yew longbows from scratch and receive 99 Woodcutting, Fletching, and Mage. What I'm looking for are "supplies", which are: Make 100k+ Pure Essence, and transform it into Nature runes.

When I have all my items in my possession and I am ready to flytch my 100k+ longbows. Then, I will high alch my longbows. After a hard job I'll be rewarded with 70+ mil with three 99's, and an excellent reward. I would like to know what you think about my goals. If it's an "In your mind's eye" goal or a "Your crazy mind", type of goal. Let me know what you think. At the moment my woodcutting rate is 96 for a yews/hour rate. I don't know how long it will take. Perhaps it will take 4 months.

This is why you need to get started

Let me talk about the numerous advantages of begging. It's not going to be beneficial at first however it will become easier once you meet an honest person. Benefits: You don't get any combat stats raised through begging. You get variety and you will never get bored since you can beg anywhere.

In 99 years, I can assure you that you will get maxed typing skills sufficient for the tumult, enough *money* to buy an yak(not charms), probly even extremes, professional gear, 99 mage and range deending the way you spend your money. A begger with a high level can make you rich like leather boots or 42gp. Even if you're not a professional, you don't need to become a high-ranking begger. The majority of your customers can give back massages when they are provided by experienced professionals.

The slayer helm/ full slayer helm/ black mask will increase your cool factor in a percentage and can really help when you are begging. Saving money on investments in German software firms, or costly abilities like prayer can be a good thing.

Advantages: It takes a long time to get cash unless you decide to go on a hunt, which can result in a lot of beatings and abuse but the effort is worth it. Once you are able sniff out a religious type and start to get lots of money.

I've been playing around in Runescape the past few days in a haze. What made RS amazing back then was the multitude of guilds and organisations that sprung up on their own, without Jagex's intervention. This thread is dedicated for them and hopefully gets them back to the numbers that they once had.

World 66 Laws ~ This is one of the oldest member organizations around, and the premise is simple. They provide you with the essentials and lawful advice back. Red robes will be worn by the official crafters. The World 16 Airs is a no-cost play area. You just need to bring some essense and crafters will give you some airs. World 132 Yanille Fletchers A space for fletchers to gather in peace and tranquility far from the banks. Are there other places that people can gather and learn in tranquility?

This is the reason you must be boss

I'm here to discuss the numerous advantages of bossing. well of course its not going to be beneficial for earlier levels but once you hit an acceptable level of combat, things will get better. Benefits ---- by being bossy, you'll slowly increase the value of your bank. What's more, you will get a wide range of drops and you dont get bored. After doing bossing for a duration of time, I can assure you'll receive enough to last for a while (maybe even 99) and a yak(charms as well) and possibly even overloads with pro equipment, 99 mage and range deending how you spen your cash.

A boss or high ranking person can give you riches like the divine sigil and god of wars dungeon items as well as torva armor. Since most teams require extremes and turmoil, you don't have to obtain 96 herblore.
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I'm not sure what to say about the female voice. I'm confused about what could be the person behind the doors, perhaps someone connected to Zaros? I just hope that it's a fascinating person and that there's some reason for it, not just a "Here's an unnamed boss. Fight, stab and kill. Update

I pray to God that they will use the random dungeon generator in order to provide me with an additional challenge. AS for collaboration, why not use an element where the player is disabled one player while another must free them, that's the simplest method. This is true, however in the event that the random dungeon maker were to be employed, it will require a maximum level to deal with any difficulties. So, you won't get in danger if the whole of the dungeon is suddenly shut off by a single door.

I think that the idea of disabling is a great idea and would tie in well with the idea that we need teamwork. For example it could be possible to create a deep freezer attack that targets only one player at a given time. Then it would melt slowly (not infinite so if caught in a situation that is not protected, it could be escaped). This could force players into a group of at minimum two.

In the near future bosses who have tougher bosses will be able to add a variety of Dung-style bosses. They have very little to lose. Certain bosses will likely be less effective than others (Lexicus is one that comes to my mind) but I think varying the methods needed to kill bosses would be a great step towards more exciting boss fights.

Jagex and the Dangers Half Assed Wildy

Following all the excitement about the return of the wild, I want to take an in-depth review of what this means to the game. What are the implications of having the new rules we have been using in the past conflict with "the wild" and the issues this creates.
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I don't think I have played Runescape together with all the wiki. I am certainly reading wiki webpages while afking some 15, if I am not pvming. It stinks while skilling but I do not lose sleep over it, that I read the wiki than talk.

There's two issues really. New players making fundamental query's about Runescape, then getting downvoted with no answer. The remedy is that the Weekly Megathread which I think solves the dilemma of collecting everyone with Fundamental Questions into one location (you know those replies already). However, I don't believe in the Subreddit users here, I believe just a couple of them are going to redirect those new users to the Megathreadothers will just answer their queries, while others will still downvote them (which will be the problem this informative article focused on, as fas as I am aware).

Redirecting OSRS players into the correct subreddit. The solution will be to make a principle or bot (like the"Ninja Request" one) that shows folks the other Subreddit accessible for them to make the question. However, users create a fantastic job by diverting those people there, and there's the Subreddit connection on the banner, under Partner Subreddits, there. But they are still downvoted by them. The Downvotes here, and the pestering users are like the ISR, there is no escaping. You cannot comment anything remotely constructive since they're already biting at your ankle.

From the OSRS and pathofexile subreddit I frequent not every small question has asked in the megathread, some people continue to create their own threads requesting them, and over the years I have barely ever noticed anyone even mention that, they simply reply it as normal. No demand for every question to be diverted to it, although not everyone that has a question would like to create their own thread. It's that the issue that is downvote, maybe they think it does not warrant you, not certain where a lot of them endure but I've read about a few reasons. My train of thought is that if a new participant sees a megathread that is stickied they feel welcome since there's a place created to do so, to ask stuff. I see it as the distinction between somebody welcoming you vs welcoming you.

The time I have had playing with Runescape

Tried to do a duo at corp for a few hours last night and got our kill taken every moment. People might wait using a zest until corps stats drain to zero then run in with two accounts, one with transfer and one smacking it with a crystal halberd. We attempted using the portal, but the 200k feels just like a punishment for trying to play Runescape legit as well as it significantly slowed our kill time because we needed to wait for each other to enter in as not to eliminate the instance. I know this was a problem for a very long time, but when we don't keep reminding the Jmods which it is a problem nothing will ever get done. I hope this doesn't come off as whiny. It felt quite demoralizing seeing people despair for hours on end without any repercussions. Are being farmed by poisonous individuals that are too lazy to put at work for a kill. This is the most helpless I've ever felt playing with OSRS.
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Some users understand the way to intentionally bypass filters, making them useless, and if we make a filter too broad, more posts are filtered than warranted. This creates more frustration for consumers and much more work for us while we'd prefer to prevent over-moderating. We may look into attempting to revive a filter to get phishing email questions, but that's a thing for us to discuss in private amongst the mod group. The previous filter was unable to accomplish what was wanted at the time, so it had been disabled for the time being. These articles do share an overlap with other filters within our subreddit, so a number of them are eliminated for different reasons.

We do not wish to be in the spotlight for driving community conversation. While a few other subreddits may have an extremely visible mod existence, that is not something we're considering. If we have an important message to get across, that is one thing, but mod articles from us are very infrequent. In a nutshell, we believe the subreddit ought to be the community's voice, not the community's voice directed by subreddit mods.

I really don't think anyone in any capacity anticipates a plug and play solution nor expects anybody in the mod team to break their back for no pay. Filters require maintenance to correctly function, take spam filters for e-mail; that's decades of effort to make sure the Nigerian prince doesn't make it to your own inbox and hell occasionally it still doesn't work, sometimes my 2FA winds up in spam, but we still don't delete a spam filter. I just wish to clarify that I'm not talking you at some presser or some thing simply having a dialog.

I believe this just strengthens not only the argument for getting an Automod notify potential new posters of this'gentleman's agreement', or even formally separating them. You have a virtual'desire path' going on where your community has made a decision to segregate the material, do not you think you need to listen to them? These are all growing pains and nothing else that can not be sorted out over time, its one thing to state that no one gets the drive or ability to maintain a filter right now but don't make it outside to be an impossible effort. I also feel like I am in a soviet court house and the bailiff was told to shoot the man who jaywalked, bro you do not need to delete OSRS or phishing posts in this case simply have automod comment on it with information pointing folks in the ideal direction.

Unless we are referring to a filter limiting what can be stated on the subreddit I am really confused about why anyone would want to skip a filter which provides them with advice. If supposedlyy'all attempted to knock down some key questions or phrases being thrown about this sub from time to time then yeah it is a'difficulty' (You men wouldn't be the first game sub to have it, blink twice if Jagex hasy'all hostage) for you guys but I do not see a lot of people hoping to submit"connection - totally no ph15h guiys" or"I think this is a p h 1 5 h ing attempt guys" or"look at this cool drop I received on ess are ess" just so they do not possess a comment on their post out of a bot.
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Capped trading- This is straightforward and will likely be rendered ineffective if changes are made. Gravestones- They were designed to stop traders from trading after their deaths and allow people to regain items. DA tournaments- Originally designed to bring back staking. However, they still fail badly even after the numerous updates. Revenants- They were created to replace the Pkers. But, they're too weak and they have become poor. However, they are too powerful in f2p.

Jagex is able to remove content. Old Bounty Hunter- A crater erupted out of space, crushing all wildy old spots of pking like the large bone and the tiny bone yard.

PvP worlds- They've cut down the number of pvp worlds to only about two. DA tournaments. The first one was removed and replaced by something shizzlety that fails just as badly. The changes made it difficult to do certain things. Player owned shopsshop sections on forums, businesses use to prosper and earn money for many people. Rune running- Used as a method to earn money, natures and laws, etc

Duel Arena - A method for people to win big or even lose a lot of money. Trading- Self-explanatory. Pking- Self explaining. Merchanting- Used to exist, pretty self explanitory. Still possible but not very practical. Hotspots for trading: Varrock, Falador, all five worlds were always packed with trade areas, different items.

I believe there is a way to increase the amount of skills available to 99 and earn lots of money. I'm considering making a goal to alch 100k or more yew bows made from scratch, and then get 99 Woodcutting, Fletching and Mage. I have the following "supplies" I'm looking to mine 100k+ pure essence. Convert the essence to Nature runes.

Once I've collected all the equipment, I'll flytch the 100k+ Longbows, and then alch the longbows. After a job well done, I will be rewarded with 70+ mil and three 99's, which is quite a good result. I would like to know your opinion on my goal. Are you convinced that it's a good target? Or is it a "In Your Dreams", "Your out freakin’ mind" type of goal? Let me know your thoughts. At the moment, my Woodcutting level in 96 for an hourly rate of yews. I'm not sure of how long it might take. It could take as long as 4 months...
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