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There is no slider which mut coins

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Frankly EA just seems like that they gave up on Mut 21 coins this one so that I doubt anything serious will get changed, but maybe they're looking at pushing a lot of great features for your next gen version? I'd hope that's true, otherwise M20 is most likely the final one I will play for the foreseeable future.

The slider has to do with sheds and . It's the same in 20. There is no slider which mut coins affects sheds dealing with the run or pass. It's just pass blocking and operate blocking strength that we can tune. Too low, you constantly get by. There's not any slider which controls the defensive line/backers which is the reason why we have this issue.

At the moment, we can't possibly strike a balance between the blocking and shedding. On higher difficulties, this is a massive problem. All of Madden player here, and can tell you STILL haven't found the sweet spot with all the blocking sliders to ensure it is sensible.

That is 6 full played seasons value of testing mind you. It also makes getting tackles with linemen very demanding considering the sole tackles you get are behind the line if anything.

This brings up another matter, we need MORE SLIDERS.

I should be able to get off the cube and play buy Mut 21 coins as a linebacker when I need. Since it's right now, once you get blocked you are forced into these shedding animations rather than being able to get off them freely.

posted Nov 13 by Bestrsgoldfast

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I really don't play Mut 21 coins could produce the franchise mode deeper with there be more to scouting/the draft or participant development/regression. They can improve the AI's broken trade logic. There's plenty of room for improvement that doesn't have anything to do with the game mechanics (which also type of suck tbh).

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