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Fish, insects, and mushrooms will be updated in Animal Crossing New Horizons in November

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With the arrival of November in the real world, Animal Crossing New Horizons will also be updated, which also means that there will be some new creatures entering New Horizons.

"New Horizons Animal Crossing" gamers can look forward to the redesigned "fish and worm" list, which will be released during November. Because most of them will stay for more than a month, but please make sure you donate any new discoveries to Blathers to complete your museum. You can tell when a new creature has been captured because the character will say "Yes!" aloud. Before they say the name of the bug or fish.

You can also check your Critterpedia to see if you donated bug fish. If so, when you are on your own island, a little owl icon will appear next to the critter’s name. Some of them will return to your island after they were previously available, so if they look familiar, you may find them in earlier availability. If you want to Buy Nook Miles Tickets quickly, then I recommend you buy it from the reliable ACBellsBuy site.

Obtaining mushrooms from the northern hemisphere should start today and will be used as part of the seasonal handmade ingredients. As part of the fall update, certain players will pop up mushrooms, but not everyone will see them immediately.

When you log in, Isabelle should have shared news indicating that mushrooms can be found at the root of the tree. You will eventually find four different types of mushrooms, and when you find them, there are many different DIY recipes to discover.

So far, we know that there are elegant, round, flat-skinned mushrooms, and other changes to the flora will take place later this month. At that time, ACBellsBuy will continue to introduce players. While ACBellsBuy wants players to continue to provide ACNH Bells, it will also update the changes in ACNH Items accordingly, not allowing players to find the latest and most valuable items the first time.

posted Nov 2 by Amystephen

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Although the exclusive version of the project is far from the calm proposal before the 2020 holiday, the idea of ​​combining Target with Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes people feel extremely peaceful. Perhaps this is why Target adopted the same approach earlier because it provides selectivity in the game, including booking rewards.

The magazine is green, the cover is Tom, Timmy and Tommy Nuuk in the lower right corner, and the logo turf design is used at the same time. If the player wants rare Animal Crossing Items For Sale, then you may need to pay more ACNH Bells or labor in exchange. However, the autumn theme will change greatly. Its cover is yellow, its elastic tie is brown, and Tom Nook is portrayed as a comfortable fall fashion with a history of leaves.

The tweet did not mention plans and strategies for 2020, or, for many writers, all of these things can be done, and only more pages are included in case of emergency. If they can put their ideas together in some way, they may think it is worth stopping the exclusive paper.

For game fans, they hope to incorporate this spirit into the season. Recently, the candy of Animal Crossing was combined with Nintendo's online rewards in North America. Like modern journals, the autumn theme is their main goal. In addition, if you need to Buy ACNH Bells, please go to our official website, the delivery is fast and it is the best choice for players.

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The Royal Crown is not only the most expensive item in New Horizons, it is also the most expensive item in the history of Animal Crossing. The Royal Crown is much larger, so it is not as popular as smaller, cute wearers. In any case, Royal Crown has become a popular item among animal crossing items due to its high price. We often see it in the island houses of wealthy players.

The Royal Crown is rarely sold at Able Sisters; however, it will be displayed when it is available that day. It can be purchased for 1,200,000 bells, so be sure to save money to buy Cheap ACNH Items!

You can also try the crown from the fitting room. With it, you can try to match various outfits with crowns. Pick up a royal shirt and curly beard, match it with your royal crown, and dress up as a king! You can also buy rare items such as Royal Crown in the furniture section of Redd's Treasure Trawler.

When you try to buy Royal Crown on its Treasure Trawler, you can also choose to buy a "cheaper" product with a price of 1,000,000 bells. It is not displayed on the shelf, so it looks like something that can be purchased secretly.

If you really need a lot of Bells quickly, you can sell some idle items at the Nook's Cranny store for 3000 Bells. We recommend buying it directly from the ACBellsBuy site to speed up the acquisition of ACNH Items For Sale! You can also put the Royal Crown as a decoration in your home. This is a high-priced product, everyone should be able to see it!

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With the update of the game's theme, Franklin also broke into your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But do you know what Franklin does? Where can players find him?

Since the beginning of this year, in the popular global game ACNH, players and friends have spent most of their time online to make their perfect island resort. Franklin is a character that often appears in the Animal Crossing series, and you will know his behavior. Finding a reliable website to get Animal Crossing Gold quickly can save you a lot of time.

To celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Franklin announced at the end of November that he would appear free of charge in the celebration of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After the theme is updated, Franklin will appear on the island.

Franklin is a Turkish chef. He will invite players to help him cook the Harvest Festival. Then, the player will need to collect ingredients for Franklin so that he can complete the dishes. After completing the mission, players will get unique furniture for this season.

ACNH is a very interesting social game. Players need to spend hundreds or thousands of hours to perfect their island adventure. If you don't want to spend all your time in the game, you can enter the ACBellsBuy site at any time to quickly buy the ACNH Items you need.

The game will continue to receive free updates. ACBellsBuy will also provide players with the most abundant Thanksgiving activity packages. You can also directly Buy Nook Miles Tickets and choose the items you need in the game to keep players invested in their island life. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Franklin is preparing to make some delicious dishes.

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The Halloween-themed Animal Crossing can be coming soon. The island is loaded with a Halloween atmosphere. Players can liven up their island through activities and items, stuffed with Halloween flavor.

Besides, players can take advantage of dressing up and offering candies on their islands. Candies can be acquired from Beaver's hands, one time a day. The ACNH Bells for Halloween is the thing that players work hard to acquire. Of course, in case you have enough ACNH Bells, and also hardwearing. them directly within the store.

The newly added character Pumpkin King can be bought in the video store. You can also plant pumpkins for the island and make use of pumpkins for DIY creation, like pumpkin furniture. The addition of the King of Halloween allows players and islanders to relish a night stuffed with a special atmosphere. The Pumpkin King may prevent you from asking for candy.

After Halloween, the winter months update would possibly not arrive until late November. Hurry up and call your buddies to go to the area together!

If you wish to play the game smoothly, how may you have less Animal Crossing Bells? If your Halloween items weren't collected yet, just remember that ACBellsBuy is usually preparing for you. As long as you decide to buy Animal Crossing Bells, we are going to Deliver as soon as possible without delay.

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Halloween fills the entire month of October, and Animal Crossing players can collect seasonal furniture, plant pumpkins, collect candies and create a spooky experience on their respective islands.

There are many ways to obtain Halloween-themed items. For DIY recipes (handmade recipes for making furniture), please visit the villagers' houses and they may give you a recipe. You can also pop the balloon with a slingshot to open the gift box.

Your next stop will be your local Nook Cranny. Here, you can buy a limited time weird item every day. If you don't want to wait, you can also go to the ACBellsBuy site to ACNH Buy Items quickly. For example, weird lantern suits or gorgeous arches with twisted branches.

Before Halloween night, you can get candy for free by tricking or treating in the villagers' homes. You must put on costumes (these costumes can be purchased at Able Sisters throughout the month) and then enter their house to talk to them. If you run out of candies, don't worry: after a while, you can trick or treat again.

Halloween night starts at 5 pm, no matter which time zone you are in, it ends before midnight. It starts with the arrival of Jack, and Jack roams at the Resident Service in the center of your island. You will be able to exchange all kinds of candies for special items, such as weird wallpapers and carpets.

There would be no Halloween without pumpkins, right? In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can use this seasonal event to grow your pumpkins for display or more practical use.

Is Halloween without pumpkins still Halloween? You can buy 280 bells of pumpkin seeds from Nook’s Crany store, or you can buy them from a randomly-visited plant seller Leif for 140 bells. You can use this seasonal event to grow your own pumpkins for display or more practical use.

Every day of this month, Able Sisters will provide you with a rotation of zombie, vampire, wizard, and other costumes. You can buy more, so be sure to take advantage, especially when you decide the style you want to exercise on Halloween night Time.

At the Residential Service, you can use the ATM to redeem your Nook Miles (a currency in the game) to get a new skin tone and eye color perfect for the ghost season. Of course, ACBellsBuy will also provide Cheap Animal Crossing Bells and Nook Miles Tickets. During Halloween, there will be an 80% off discount for the audience.