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How significant is inflation?

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How significant is inflation? Just how much does it affect players? What risks are acceptable to fight it? Are those dangers more dangerous compared to inflation itself? What proportion of PVMers are PVMers simply because it is more profitable? What percentage of these would like to be skillers if that was an option? Assuming it is necessary, how can we nerf something without driving away the gamers who now love it? Is a minigame like mining shafts necessary to make the core gameplay balanced? How much raw money (and/or alchables) should players be able to make, as opposed to OSRS gold things that have to be traded? What's the right balance of benefits between energetic and AFK articles? How important is it to shield labels players are familiar with? (by way of example, runite being a family name and significant pillar of the market ) How significant is DIY? Is it something that needs to be protected or encouraged? What are players really earning cash for? To buy prestige rares? To buy combat gear? To get mats for different abilities? To hoard for costs later on?

What influence does this goal have on money making methods? What are players actually levelling abilities for? To unlock some skill or benefit? To unlock a pursuit requirement? To get a skillcape or max cape? What influence does that goal have on skilling methods? Thanks!

Have people stopped alching. People often consider alch prices as a sort of lower limit to just how low the price of an item can go. However, alchable items have been quickly decreasing in price lately. Recently costs have begun dropping below these assumed limits. Some trend graphs...

Lots of forumers here might remember having to alch at a reduction back when they played. The narrative is quite different now, and it is not in any way difficult to locate items with profit margins of 1k each alch. Why has this happened? Well, there may be several possible causes. Obsolescence of alching for a training approach. Much faster low level training approaches for magic exist now. Tipping of the balance between high and low leveled players. Alching is very much a minimal level instruction method, and low level players are a dying race. RS is simply not bringing new players. Decreased prevalence of bots. Alch-bots were some of the most frequent kinds of cheap RuneScape gold bots, and robots in general have become fewer on rs3.

posted Oct 28 by Dingbest

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