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My DOB - 15-03-1997 I want to know about career and love .

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My DOB- 15-03-1997,time -1.20 am ,place jalgaon Maharashtra .I want to know about career and when I get job and about my love life . Whether I will get my love and also anything which affect my life very much
Thanking u

posted Oct 2, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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you are running a dasha of Rahu, you can get a good job anytime now, you have to put effort, you have a marital bliss. As soon as you get job get married and enjoy your marital life. You had bad health till 6 years of age. Moon is not good for health and career. Don't expect too much but enjoy whatever you have. You will have good status in society. For more details and remedies contact 9611711966

answer Oct 3, 2019 by Anand Swaroop Garg
Thank u so much sir ,but plz tell me about my career and my parents  relation with me and my future spouse
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