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wholesale Eco-friendly Doors

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Nowadays young people would like to choose Eco doors and it is more and more popular in the world.
Eco-friendly door uses the low carbon and environment protection material to make the panel, high quality wood board on the surface and fine honeycomb metal inside which can insulate the heat and sound well also eco-friendly. You can choose different panel pattern to match our decoration and it is very close to nature and beautiful.
Product Features
● Metal structure door frame which is durable, firm and anti-rust. And high grade wood panel which is low carbon, eco-friendly, simple and modern.
● Internal aluminium honeycomb and aluminium structure bones can insulate the heat and sound well, it also prevent cracking and deformation.
● Adjustable exterior hinge can meet different needs of decoration.
Product Parameters
FUAOSI Eco - friendly series Eco DoorFrame materialMax height of a single panelMax width of a single panelOpening
Wood board + Aluminium2500mm1100mm
Notes: You can use your own design and logo.
FUAOSI Eco Series Unequal double door (with crown)
Optional Colors
Emperor Ash Synchronous Embossed Grey Synchronous Embossed Ice Wax Snow White Rock
White Oak Red Oak America Birch Grosgrain Flower Red
Cannetille Coffee Milan Brocade& Weave Autumn Melt Rock
Bamboo Warm White Milan Grid Grey Brewed Coffee Yellow Brewed Warm White
Dematoglyph Pure Black Dematoglyph Pure White Milan Iron Ash Canadian Maple
Sliver Fiber Rosewood
Notes: There are 22 colors to choose.
Hardware Configuration
Eco Door Handle and lock
▲ 60001 Lock ▲ 60002 Lock ▲ 60003 Lock
▲ S1001 Lock ▲ S1002 Lock ▲ S1003 Lock
▲ S1005 Lock Bronze ▲ S1005 Lock Golden ▲ S1005 Lock Bright Chrome ▲ S1006 Lock
● Exterior hinge
● High strength steel panels inside the hinge
● A single hinge can bear 250KG loading
● Can choose invisible hinge
1. Where is your factory?
A: Our factory is located at Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.
2. How about your capacity per month?
A: 50000 SQM for regular product and 20000 SQM for customized product.
3. How long is your delivery time?
A: About two weeks after the deposit.wholesale Eco-friendly Doors

posted Feb 27, 2019 by Candy58

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