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My Date of Birth is December 17th 2004, at 01.30 in Greece.

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When am I Going to get married and does my boyfriend really love me?

posted Aug 3, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Considering your TIME AS 1:30 am as you have not mentioned AM or PM, i am giving this prediction.

enter image description here

Your ascendent is in virgo

and your 7th House is not influenced by any planet and lord of this house is sitting in 1st house indicates a marriage and a great loyal affection from your beloved/Boyfriend.

Marriage favorable duration will be between 2020 -2023.

But you need to be very humble and understanding in dealing with love matters,should control over temper.For more details you can share your boyfriend's Birth details.

answer Aug 4, 2018 by anonymous