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Lunar Eclipse, 27th July 2018: Can change your Fate,know is it good or bad for you?

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The longest lunar eclipse of this century is happening this year's Guru Purnima i.e. late night of 27th July, visible throughout India. 

Eclipse starts on July 27 at 11.54 pm and will end by 03:49 am on the early morning of July 28th. It is said that this coincidence is being created after 104 years. 

This eclipse can be clearly seen in at least three continents.

 According to astrology, this second lunar eclipse of the year is falling in Capricorn and the lord of Capricorn is Saturn due to which Capricorns will experience effects from both moon and Saturn.

 Let’s know the effect of lunar eclipse on all 12 zodiac signs? 

Aries: The longest lunar eclipse of the century will be auspicious for this sign. There will be many new opportunities. Aries receives happiness. There is a clear indication of money gains

Taurus: This sign will experience mixed results like reputation will be under question though reading Hanuman Chalisa during the eclipse will be fruitful for this sign. There are many new opportunities available in the field of job. 

Gemini: Extra income sources will open. Eclipse for Gemini is not going to be good in some health matters, may experience insomnia issues.

Cancer: There will be no fluctuation in the work, but due to mixed results,sometimes the mind will be turbulent, but there is no reason to panic. Gains or benefits from life partner will be there.

Leo: The mind will be pleased with the promotion, get good results.

Virgo: The health will be fine. Working Professionals will be busy and feel distress but If you utilize the time correctly then you will get good results. 

Libra: Sufferings for Libra, Caution is necessary, otherwise the enemy can harm. Avoid family disputes.

Scorpio: Full benefit and joy for scorpions. It's great time for traders. Time is favorable, so stay in profit.

Sagittarius: Do some work by taking care of time. Carefully go into financial matters.

Capricorn: This eclipse is not auspicious for the Capricorn due to the eclipse in Capricorn. Damage to money and mental stress can arise.

Aquarius: The people of this zodiac can get the negative effect of lunar eclipse.Can be confronted with mental and physical problems. 

Pisces: There is no special effect of the lunar eclipse on the people of this zodiac. However, in case of health, the people of this zodiac may have to face some problems. 

At last, whatever the effect will be of eclipse on each zodiac, we feel the ones who do good will always receive good. After all they say, what goes around, comes around. 

So, all readers Stay Happy, Stay Blessed!

posted Jul 25, 2018 by Nimisha Bhatnagar

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