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Importance and Effects of Planets in Astrology

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Planets have a considerable influence over our lives. Our physical universe where we live is all connected, hence it affects us in an indirect manner. Each star and planet has a different impact according to their respective position in the horoscope. Cosmic forces in the universe also play an impactful role which influences our thoughts and thinking. This leads to the actions we taken in our day-to-day proceedings of life.

Following are the planets and their effect in astrology.

Sun: Known as the lord almighty, sun plays a vital role in the sustenance of life force of all human beings, animals and non-living things. Sun is also been described as a Soul which in Vedic astrology called as Atman, if favorably placed in the horoscope, may bring a person name, fame and money related to his respective area of occupation.

Moon: This planet is known as a motherly planet which rules emotions and feelings. Moon is being considered as a benefic planet which is capable of providing mental strength and emotional peace to the individual. It is also considered as a planet of beauty and love. Being close to the earth, the effect of moon is very impactful and direct.

Mars: This red color planet is considered as a strong and masculine one which signifies courage, determination and confidence. Mars represents male dominated professions such as military, armed forces, technical and engineering fields. Being considered as a malefic planet, it created hurdles in one’s path and defines aggressiveness. However, a positive placement can denote positive energy and strong determination as well.

Jupiter: one of the most highly considered positive planet represents wisdom, wealth, knowledge and success in life. The favorable placement of Jupiter denoted high wisdom in character, wealth and prosperous education for an individual. It represents a teacher often called as guru which means a guide for life. However, its negative aspect can entrust pessimism, depression and loneliness.

Saturn: Considered one of the slow moving planets, Saturn is said to be a planet of judgment. Saturn is termed as a malefic planet in astrology which gives poverty, misery, loss, loneliness and long term diseases. However, its benefic placement can make a person wealthy and famous in his life. Irrespective of its bad name, Saturn is considered as a teacher who gives its results according to the acquired karma of an individual.

Mercury: Often referred as a planet of intellect, mercury stands for intelligence, cleverness and humor of a person. Widely considered as a benefic planet, it can give some adverse effects at some places in astrological chart. Mercury is a planet of communication which represents the field of commerce, computers and trades. A strong effect of mercury can be seen in writers and communication specialists as it represents writing abilities and speech as well.

Venus: Popularly known as the planet of beauty, Venus represents love, marriage, romance, music, dance and other recreational activities. Venus governs industries like theatre, poetry, cinema, music, travels and so on. A happily married life is been seen from the placement of the Venus and the amount of luxuries one acquires is also seen from the position of this planet. A person’s physical aspects and sex appeal is also seen from the placement of Venus.

Rahu: Also called as a mystical planet, Rahu is the desire of the soul. Its placement in the birth chart denotes the life lessons one need to accomplish in their lifetime. Rahu influences a person to act according to the unethical desires to reach towards their goals in life. This is the reason for calling it a malefic planet. It’s not a physical planet but a heavenly body, similar to Ketu. However, its placement in some houses in astrology denotes high success and acclamation in professional and personal life.

Ketu: Ketu in astrological term called as a shadow planet which signifies already accomplished karmas in past life and also relates to spirituality. Its placement is an astrological chart indicates the difficult karma one need to face according to its past life deeds. Its placement in chart is exact opposite to Rahu and it’s popular for giving sudden rise and fall in life. Ketu rules certain professions like medicines, astrology, IT, saints, detectives etc.

posted Jul 9 by Mohnish Zade

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Our ancestors used the art of astrology for making predictions based on planetary movement. That is why we also believe in astrology. There is nothing wrong in believing in astrology. It is the branch of science that deals with stars and other revolving bodies. One out of every American believes that astrology is meaningful in every sense.

Almost everyday people engage in the difficult situation of their life where they have to take some extremely hard decisions related to their future. Now, future is uncertain. So, in order to avoid risk and harm in life, they prefer to take the help of horoscope to check what is better for them and what should they do for their better future.

Planetary positions and energies affect our lives-

There is an amazing synchronisation of stars, the sun, the moon and other planetary bodies in our universe. Everything is perfect and time bounded. God has given us the power to improve our destiny. Yes, we cannot change our destiny, but we can surely improve it. There is the master plan to improve your destiny, and that is to believe in karma and do good karma. Astrology is also based on your karma and your work.

Your born time affect your destiny –

Have you ever noticed why some note the time of any newborn baby birth? This is because the planetary position of our birth time lay our destiny path. It affects where and when we are likely to meet success and failures in our life. Our birth time is the time when we start our journey on the planet. Therefore, it is very important to note the time of birth and note the time of planet movement.

Astrology helps to understand your love –

Astrology helps to understand how to handle your love, relationship, and marriage. Astrology and horoscope let you know which zodiac sign is good to pair with you and which are not. This is really helpful in choosing your life partner. It also suggests to how to handle your dating period to make it successful future.

Astrology helps to safeguard your finance –

Horoscopes and astrology help the people in safeguard their finance. According to astrologer bangalore, Mr Rajat Nayar’s astrology and Vastu helps the business and investors to take final decisions wisely. It is the forward-looking step.

Predicts the future –

As it is well said that no one can see future except God, but yes only astrology can predict future. This is because astrology depends on the movement of planetary bodies and horoscopes give one the opportunity to reflect on life. Its meaning and predictions help the people to avoid possible mistakes in their life.

Overall astrology is very helpful in anyone’s life. There is no harm in believing in astrology. It is all up to you and your destiny as no one can change it, but yes by the help of astrology it can be improved.

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Whenever a person hits the ground, he only asks one question, “Is there anything good written in my future?” Here come the role of astrology. Astrology is the study of stars and planets which revolves around the sun as our planet earth does the same. This art strongly suggest that the planets those are revolving around us are having an indirect influence on us which creates the favorable and unfavorable situations in our lives. 

Many people have their faith in astrology as they take their life’s most important decisions by seeing the time and date. Birth chart is one of the most popular types of studies in astrology which is seen from the overall chart analysis regarding what is written in the destiny of that person. Whether in marriage match making, starting a new business or giving name to a child, all comes under the astrological influence.

In ancient India, the study of astrology was termed as a sacred deed where many sages mastered the art of studying the planets and the stars and their impact on the human beings. Many of those sages have wrote extensively regarding the movements of the planets and their placement on the chart. These ancient books are still referred by many of the practicing astrologers till date.

The twelve signs in astrology has their own characteristics and traits in which the nature of a person can be determined. Basically, there are four pillars in astrology such as water, air, earth and fire. According to these, a person’s behavior and his abilities can be traced with his inborn and acquired characteristics as well. The more a person inculcates such elements in his birth chart, the clearer his personality is unfolded.

While a child is born, the art of astrology proposes that he comes with a map of his pre-determined destiny. By analyzing his birth time, date of birth and the place where he is born can be used to analyze his birth chart and the credentials of his destiny. Astrology predicts that these details can be very important to mark the life turning events in one’s destiny and for being aware of the same as well.

However, many deny the fact that astrology is a proven science and it can’t be practically demonstrated, still many people have a keen faith on this discipline. Though the saying states that “your future is in your own hands,” there is nothing erroneous in analyzing ones birth chart and feel optimistic regarding the upcoming events for a better future ahead.