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Astrology – The Art of Determining the Destiny

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Whenever a person hits the ground, he only asks one question, “Is there anything good written in my future?” Here come the role of astrology. Astrology is the study of stars and planets which revolves around the sun as our planet earth does the same. This art strongly suggest that the planets those are revolving around us are having an indirect influence on us which creates the favorable and unfavorable situations in our lives. 

Many people have their faith in astrology as they take their life’s most important decisions by seeing the time and date. Birth chart is one of the most popular types of studies in astrology which is seen from the overall chart analysis regarding what is written in the destiny of that person. Whether in marriage match making, starting a new business or giving name to a child, all comes under the astrological influence.

In ancient India, the study of astrology was termed as a sacred deed where many sages mastered the art of studying the planets and the stars and their impact on the human beings. Many of those sages have wrote extensively regarding the movements of the planets and their placement on the chart. These ancient books are still referred by many of the practicing astrologers till date.

The twelve signs in astrology has their own characteristics and traits in which the nature of a person can be determined. Basically, there are four pillars in astrology such as water, air, earth and fire. According to these, a person’s behavior and his abilities can be traced with his inborn and acquired characteristics as well. The more a person inculcates such elements in his birth chart, the clearer his personality is unfolded.

While a child is born, the art of astrology proposes that he comes with a map of his pre-determined destiny. By analyzing his birth time, date of birth and the place where he is born can be used to analyze his birth chart and the credentials of his destiny. Astrology predicts that these details can be very important to mark the life turning events in one’s destiny and for being aware of the same as well.

However, many deny the fact that astrology is a proven science and it can’t be practically demonstrated, still many people have a keen faith on this discipline. Though the saying states that “your future is in your own hands,” there is nothing erroneous in analyzing ones birth chart and feel optimistic regarding the upcoming events for a better future ahead. 

posted May 21, 2018 by Mohnish Zade

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