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What kind of tools Vedic Astrologer uses to remedy a life event?

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is it really beneficial, i mean the graha shanti etc will have effect on the dosha that we have

posted Apr 21, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Vedic astrology is linked to other Vedic systems, such as Ayurveda for health, Vastu for dwellings (like Feng Shui) and other philosophies like Yoga and Meditation. Vedic Astrology is part of a holistic, integrated knowledge system and its effects can be bolstered by interoperating with its "sister" sciences. The Vedic Astrology system is kind in that not only is a person told what might happen, but they are presented a list of potential remedies or corrective actions to offset the quantity and quality of karmas that are returning to them, as seen in the birth chart. After all, it is held that the natal chart is a list of the karmas or previous actions that we have brought into this life. These fortifying practices, which should only be accepted from very qualified Vedic astrologer, include such measures as gemstones, balancing rituals called yagyas, and mantras and other remedies, used to propitiate or soothe the impact associated with unfavorable planetary positions.

answer Apr 28, 2017 by Vasishta
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