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Hello my dob is 19-11-1986, 21:15, vellore. How will be my settlement in earning is it business or job

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My dob is 19-11-1986, 21:15, vellore, im trying for settlement in earning but it's not working for me completely, plz help me to know if I need to do business or to get job somewhere..

posted Nov 14, 2017 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Dear Friend,
Greetings of the day from Siddhivinayak Solutionss!! enter image description here
You are born under Mithuna Lagna, Mithuna Rasi, Ardra nakshatra-1st Charana and you are under the influence of Jupiter Mahadasha-Rahu Antaradasha-Budha Pratyantar Dasha
As you are Confused Minded always stucked up in dual decisions so it is advised that what ever decision you take, it should be taken after proper consideration
You will be more successful in computer / electronics field
As of now you should only do job, after January 2019 you can start a business.
You have a abroad settlement yoga in your horoscope
After may 2019 you will keep on travelling in life.
You will be successful after the age of 36.

For Financial Stability Remedies
To increase your business earnings, drop an empty pitcher in water on every Wednesday. Perform this practice for 6 consecutive Wednesdays. Do not break this ritual until the cycle is completed.
Water daily to Lord Sun in Morning with a mantra Om Surya Namah and pray for your Career and Financial Stability.
It is Advised that you should worship Lord Ganesh.

Best wishes for your furure.


answer Nov 15, 2017 by Vishnuprasad Mallya
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Sir plz wait untill ur time to come ,bcz u have dated 19 one of the best date of any month ,wait for ur chance to come sure u r not common person u know better tham me bcz u have so many skill u have intellectual power u have high energy ambitions in ur life ,yes u must get it ,u deserve best designated post ,ur value is not average ,u will be a winner of ur future life so trust on me u have got position and wealth ok

answer Sep 2 by Ramesh Kaneria
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