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What are the doshas behind delay in marriage?

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Am getting married from long time, wanted to know if there is any dosha in my horoscope. Please help

posted Apr 21, 2017 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Astrological factors for delay in marriage

  1. Influence of one or more natural malefic planets: Sun,Mars. Saturn, Rahu, KetuKetuDefinition: Dragon’s tail, used in Indian astrology....
    on 7th house.

  2. Influence of weak, retrograderetrogradeDefinition: When a planet is considered moving backwards in astrology A retrograde planet has less energy or strength....
    or planets in combustion, or planet in Sandhi kaal on 7th house in a birth chart.

  3. Lord of malefic houseshousesDefinition: These are twelve sections of zodiac circle having 360° numbered clockwise Ascendant is known as the first house and the last house is known as the twelfth house Each house represents specific traits used for prediction....
    in 7th, lord of 7th house placed in bad houses or malefic planet’s aspect on 7th house.

  4. Connection of 7th house in a native’s birth chart with the following:

(i) 8th house.

(ii) 8th house Lord.

(iii) 12th house.

(iv) Saturn, Rahu, MarsMarsDefinition: Mangal...
or Sun due to their position in 7th house or they aspect 7th house.

  1. Mars, SaturnSaturnDefinition: Shani...
    or RahuRahuDefinition: Dragon’s head, used in Indian Vedic astrology....
    posited in places 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th(Manglik dosha in case of Mars) may be common cause for a late marriage.

  2. Paap kartari Yoga: either seventh house or seventh house lord hemmed between the Paap Grahas.

    1. Due to all the planets hemmed between Rahu or Ketu i.e. presence of Kal Sarpa Yoga in the birth chart.
  3. If weak or ill placed Moon, Venus or seventh lord having their connection with Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars are present in the birth chart of the native, marriage may be delayed.

  4. Planetary dasha or Antardasha of Rahu, Saturn, or lord of 8th house is in Progress.

  5. Impact of Ganda Mula or Ati Ganda Mula Nakshatra: Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Mula, Jyestha, Revati.

  6. Pitra Dosha.

Here I am making an attempt to reveal some detailed astrological reasons for delayed marriage:

Role of 7th house which is associated with the marriage, married life of a person or the 7th house lord:

  1. Planets in the 7th House and there is no auspicious planet (Shubh Graha) present in Kendra or Trikona:

As per astrological studies suggests that the placement of one of more malefic planets i.e. Mars, Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house is one of the major reasons for a delayed marriage. Also the placement of Sun in the 7th house indicates a late marriage.

  1. If the planet Saturn is posited in 7th house, afflictedafflictedDefinition: A planet having unfavorable aspect....
    by other malefic planets,have no auspicious aspect of Shubh Graha, effects are as follows:

i) When the planet Saturn combines with the moon and the sun in the 7th house with no benefic planetary aspect, then a delay in marriage is said to be on the cards.

ii) Another factor that could lead to delayed marriage is when Saturn is placed in the 7th house from Sun, it forms a “Samsaptak yoga” with the Sun and there is no favorable aspect.

iii) Additionally, another reason for a delayed marriage could be due to Saturn and Moon forming Samsaptak Yoga or combining together in the 7th house in a birth chart or Janam Kundli.

There are other reasons such as when birth moon is posited with the malefic planet Saturn in the 7th house and the 7th lord is placed in the 12th house, a delayed marriage may be predicted.

Also if the 5th house lord and the 7th house lord mutually aspect each other or conjunctconjunctDefinition: Two planets posited close together, in the same sign....
together and there is no aspect of the Shubh Graha, then a love marriage or an inter- caste marriage may be predicted with some problems, though delayed.

  1. Effect of planet Venus:

If the planet Venus is debilitateddebilitatedDefinition: A planet posited in specific degrees in a sign with fall in power and energy is known as its debilitated sign This is the 7th sign from the sign of exaltation and opposite to exalted....
or conjuncts the sun (Venus in combustion) and the moon in 7th house a late marriage is certainly on the cards. The possibility of late marriage is even indicated when:

Planet Venus or the 7th house are in “Paap Kartari Yoga”(hemmed between Paapgraha. Also it is said that Venus is an enemy of the sun and the moon. Therefore if Venus is placed with the malefic planets in the sign of the sun or the moon i.e. LeoLeoDefinition: Simha...
and CancerCancerDefinition: Kark...
then a possibility of a delayed marriage may be predicted.

  1. Role of the 2nd House associated with family matters:

    If the 2nd house is occupied by malefic planets or moon conjuncts Saturn in the 2nd house with no aspect of benefic planets(Shubh Grah) such as Jupiter, there are chances of delayed marriage.

    So with the reasons behind a delayed marriage being spelt out, the question to be asked is what is the remedy to this problem? Firstly, various Vedic mantras and Hanuman Chalisa are available one should recite daily, if possible.

Worshiping and praying to Ganesha, Lord Krishna or Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, especially keeping fast and offering Jal (holy water) to Shivalinga on Mondays in the month of Shravan or on Maha Shivaratri, charity or donation (daan) in form of food(Anna) and clothes (Vastra) to needy persons can also help in removing all kinds of Doshas and the issues of delayed marriage. You should not waste too much of your hard earned money for performing Puja and Dakshina, just keep away from a cheater. If the delay is caused due to the Manglik Dosha one should do the remedies for Mars.

If the ruling Mahadasha or Antardasha are favorable in the horoscope, or the planetary transits are favorable, you should immediately try to avail the opportunity with positive thinking and try your best to find the suitable partner. I would recommend you to take the decision at right time when you are going through the favorable planetary transits and the auspicious Dasha and Anterdasha periods.

answer Apr 28, 2017 by Vasishta
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Dear Friend,
Greetings of the day from Siddhivinayak Solutionss!!
If your 7th Lord is placed in 3rd, 6th,8th or 12th house or it is in conjuction with a malefic planets or in a debiliated sign or in paapakatri yoga then it is said that the marriage will be delayed.
Saturn in 7th house of with 7th Lord.

You can feel free to call me for the same


answer Nov 17, 2017 by Vishnuprasad Mallya