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My birth date 13/02/1982,i am i icecream manufacturing business ,what should i do for peace and prosperity in my life

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I have to struggle very hard for my living.Please show me the right path.

posted Jun 28, 2017 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Your DOB is 13/02/1982. So your lucky days are Saturday Sunday and Monday. 4th, 12th, 22nd and 30th dates of each months suitable for you. You should use bright, blue and brown colour cloths and etc. God Ganesh is your suitable. For benefits in your business you should pry / worship it. You should follow some following Vastu tips for peace and prosperity :

  1. In your shop you should in South West corner and facing East and North.

  2. Your Ice making machine place is North East or North direction.

  3. Electrics board, metre should be in South East direction.

answer Jun 28, 2017 by anonymous
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Dear Friend,
Greetings of the day from Siddhivinayak Solutionss!!
Please check you north west and south east direction as there is a Vastu Dosha in that place due to which the sale is reduced and the expenses have increased
1) Please Perform a Ganhoma at the earliest to rise the positive energy
2) Tie a Alum in a Black cloth and tie it in the Centre of the main door
3) While going to sleep, keep camphor in white paper with you and in morning burn it out side your house, this is will minimize the negativity and give rise & prosperity.
4) Regularly pour water to peepal tree, it is always helpful in gaining better health and future prospects.


answer Nov 17, 2017 by Vishnuprasad Mallya
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