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My husband name is manigandan .s His DOB is 17/12/1976

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He is doing auditing business like bank projects , IT filling, housing loans etc , he is seeing a new place for his business and to expand it . whether it will be success if he change the place to a new area . pls suggested an idea because now his business was dull and the space was not sufficient for workers so he is trying to move to a big place. So pls give an good idea

posted Jun 28, 2017 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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According to your husband DOB and Vastu Shashtra for developing business / service you should care home vastu tips. For your husband bank related work auditing, filling return/housing is favourable occupation . For new office you should care some following Vastu tips.

  1. Your new office should be according to Vastu.

  2. Office main entrance is East to East North East, North to North North West and West to West South West.

  3. In the office your seat should be West South corner and facing East and North.

  4. Your computer / Laptop should be in front of his face.

  5. Your side table/ Almirah should be beside your right side.

  6. Your favourable day is Saturday and dates are 2, 17 and 26. Favourable colour are purple, blue and pink. These are used for good work/ business and etc.

answer Jun 28, 2017 by anonymous
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Eventhough his hard work he could not succeed because of time is not favourble at present.

Change or shifting of office will good you result at the max 65 %.

Also he should take care of office set up as per vaasthu.

vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant

answer Sep 21, 2017 by Vaasthu Rajah Goppal
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