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Astrology and Ayurveda is a subject of everyone’s interest: Governor VP Singh Badnore

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Punjab Governor and Chandigarh administrator VP Singh Badnore presided over the closing ceremony of the mega event of astrology and ayurveda organized by Jyotish Prangan and Planet Ayurveda at Dussehra Ground, Sector-34 on Sunday.

Appreciating the initiative of Jyotish Prangan, an organization working for the regeneration and betterment of astrology, governor said that astrology and ayurveda is a subject and area of everyone's interest. The deep meanings of these studies should be understood deeply and thoroughly.

Astrology is only an attempt to have a glimpse of the future stream of life and foresee the likely trend of events which would consequently help us to manage our affairs in a more sagacious and expeditious manner,Whereas Ayurveda has its own importance and significance which is presently gaining ground globally.

Governor also stressed that the significance of this area would deteriorate with its commercialization, therefore he requested all the learned and knowledgeable people of the field to stay away from this practice.
He also shared how in this age of advanced technology everything is getting digitalized, and so is astrology. Giving away the awards to the prominent people of this field, the Governor expressed that events like these should happen on larger level to disseminate knowledge on astrology and ayurveda.


posted May 8, 2017 by anonymous

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 "How many of you believe in Astrology? Many of us do. Some of us do not believe in it completely; however, are interested to know about it.It is an amazing fact that many of the metals such as copper, brass, platinum, gold, silver and iron find an important place in astrology. But, the one that pulls our attention in this article is about the importance of wearing a copper ring, as per astrology.

Copper is an ancient metal that has been used for ages now and is known to improve the quality of the blood and is also considered to strengthen a weakened liver functioning. Proper intake of copper is essential for the body because lack of it increases the risk of an infection, causes osteoporosis and can also cause de-pigmentation of the hair and skin. Having known about the health benefits, let us now see how wearing a copper ring benefits you, as per astrology. Wearing a copper ring or bracelet makes you germ resistant.That is the main reason for many to believe in wearing a copper ring, as per astrology.

Copper can help in getting rid of the Vaastu dosha, can make the home environment peaceful and can bring about changes in your lifestyle.. Benefits Of A Copper Ring:An important aspect of wearing a copper ring is that it increases the auspicious effect of the sun and reduces its bad effects. When you tend to get irritated, a copper ring can help you calm down.It is considered to be a body coolant and it also reduces body heat.

At work, when you get stuck up with obstacles, a copper ring on your finger can help you overcome these obstacles. You also get the power to take a good and wise decision as and when required. In your horoscope if the Sun is weak, then you get inauspicious results in its mahadasha. The easiest way to overcome this is to make the dosha resolve by wearing a copper ring, as per astrology. This will enable you to achieve the results as you desire.The copper ring is also found to be very beneficial in people suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

The blood pressure stops fluctuating, thereby curing you from this disease. Copper ring proves to reduce body inflammation and swelling. It also takes care of other common health issues like body pain, stomach problems, digestion and acidity.

Another proven benefit is that people who have stomach problems, and suffer from dysentery, can be immediately benefited by wearing a copper ring to get a good relief from this health problem.It is also beneficial for the treatment of nail and skin problems.
Therefore, in a nutshell, wearing a copper ring helps destroy all the diseases that are related to the Sun, as per astrology."
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Planets have a considerable influence over our lives. Our physical universe where we live is all connected, hence it affects us in an indirect manner. Each star and planet has a different impact according to their respective position in the horoscope. Cosmic forces in the universe also play an impactful role which influences our thoughts and thinking. This leads to the actions we taken in our day-to-day proceedings of life.

Following are the planets and their effect in astrology.

Sun: Known as the lord almighty, sun plays a vital role in the sustenance of life force of all human beings, animals and non-living things. Sun is also been described as a Soul which in Vedic astrology called as Atman, if favorably placed in the horoscope, may bring a person name, fame and money related to his respective area of occupation.

Moon: This planet is known as a motherly planet which rules emotions and feelings. Moon is being considered as a benefic planet which is capable of providing mental strength and emotional peace to the individual. It is also considered as a planet of beauty and love. Being close to the earth, the effect of moon is very impactful and direct.

Mars: This red color planet is considered as a strong and masculine one which signifies courage, determination and confidence. Mars represents male dominated professions such as military, armed forces, technical and engineering fields. Being considered as a malefic planet, it created hurdles in one’s path and defines aggressiveness. However, a positive placement can denote positive energy and strong determination as well.

Jupiter: one of the most highly considered positive planet represents wisdom, wealth, knowledge and success in life. The favorable placement of Jupiter denoted high wisdom in character, wealth and prosperous education for an individual. It represents a teacher often called as guru which means a guide for life. However, its negative aspect can entrust pessimism, depression and loneliness.

Saturn: Considered one of the slow moving planets, Saturn is said to be a planet of judgment. Saturn is termed as a malefic planet in astrology which gives poverty, misery, loss, loneliness and long term diseases. However, its benefic placement can make a person wealthy and famous in his life. Irrespective of its bad name, Saturn is considered as a teacher who gives its results according to the acquired karma of an individual.

Mercury: Often referred as a planet of intellect, mercury stands for intelligence, cleverness and humor of a person. Widely considered as a benefic planet, it can give some adverse effects at some places in astrological chart. Mercury is a planet of communication which represents the field of commerce, computers and trades. A strong effect of mercury can be seen in writers and communication specialists as it represents writing abilities and speech as well.

Venus: Popularly known as the planet of beauty, Venus represents love, marriage, romance, music, dance and other recreational activities. Venus governs industries like theatre, poetry, cinema, music, travels and so on. A happily married life is been seen from the placement of the Venus and the amount of luxuries one acquires is also seen from the position of this planet. A person’s physical aspects and sex appeal is also seen from the placement of Venus.

Rahu: Also called as a mystical planet, Rahu is the desire of the soul. Its placement in the birth chart denotes the life lessons one need to accomplish in their lifetime. Rahu influences a person to act according to the unethical desires to reach towards their goals in life. This is the reason for calling it a malefic planet. It’s not a physical planet but a heavenly body, similar to Ketu. However, its placement in some houses in astrology denotes high success and acclamation in professional and personal life.

Ketu: Ketu in astrological term called as a shadow planet which signifies already accomplished karmas in past life and also relates to spirituality. Its placement is an astrological chart indicates the difficult karma one need to face according to its past life deeds. Its placement in chart is exact opposite to Rahu and it’s popular for giving sudden rise and fall in life. Ketu rules certain professions like medicines, astrology, IT, saints, detectives etc.

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A hospital in Buenos Aires is offering patients in its mental health department a workshop called "Knowing yourself through the stars," to help them treat conditions such as depression anxiety through an understanding of their astrological personalities.

That's despite the fact that there's no scientific evidence whatsoever that the way the stars are aligned when you're born influence your personality, or can predict future events or milestones in your life. (We hate to break it to you guys, but the Mercury retrograde isn't a thing).

The astrology workshop began in February this year, and runs for 90 minutes a week, with patients being referred by doctors at the Hospital Pirovano's Barrial Mental Health Program.

The workshop is led by astrologist Claudia Rico, and the basic premise is that she develops star charts for each patient and uses their horoscope to interpret life experiences both in the past and those that are 'written in the stars' for the coming month. 

"Emotions and feelings are mixed with astrology to help them understand the 'why' and the 'for what?' of every life experience, whether it was a good one or a painful one," Rico told Quartz. "Therapeutic astrology tries to generate a balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human beings."

For example, her guidance will be based on things like, whether someone is an Aries or Taurus, or what their 'rising sign' is.

Rico submitted her workshop program proposal in October 2015, and it was approved by the Coordinator General of the Barrial Mental Health Program in order to become an official treatment option.

Understandably, scientists are pretty outraged by the decision. Andrés Golombek, professor at the University of Quilmes in Argentina, told Quartz that the program was "absolutely dreadful".

"Astrology can be harmless, of course, unless it gives directions and instructions into how to proceed with, for example, an illness or medical treatment," he said. "And, indeed, having such a program organised by a hospital leads into the completely false assumption that astrology might have some kind of scientific background which, of course, it completely lacks."

"I am horrified by this prospect," he added.

So what's the problem? In theory, running a workshop that gets people talking about past experiences and preparing for the future isn't necessarily a bad thing, and thanks to the placebo effect alone, it could definitely prove beneficial to some patients.

But the issue is that astrology really doesn't have any scientific backing, and framing these workshops around the horoscope perpetuates the idea that, somehow, the alignment of the stars influences our lives, or can help people with serious mental health conditions.

Astrology is based on the idea that as Earth moves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit, the position of the Sun looks to us as though it passes through the 12 constellations that form the zodiac.

Your star sign is determined by which constellation the Sun was 'in' on the day you were born, and astrologers say this continues to influence your personality and behaviour throughout life. 

But despite repeated studies trying to back that up, there's no evidence that horoscopes have any effect on us.

Scientists have found that the time of year you're born can effect your healthand future allergies, but that has less to do with star signs, and more to do with Sun exposure here on Earth. It's thought that children who are exposed to more vitamin D during their last few months in the womb grow up to be healthier than those that are born during winter.

And while the roots of astrology might have some vague basis in science - it involves the movement of the Sun throughout the night sky - that 'science' is pretty old (2,200 years old, to be more specific) and your star sign is most likely wrong because of something called precession, which has altered the position of the constellations in our night sky.

Precession refers to the way Earth wobbles around its axis due to the gravitational pull of the Moon on Earth's equatorial bulge. And because of this wobble, over the past 2-and-a-bit millennia, the constellations alignment against the Sun's position has moved almost 36 degrees - meaning that the star signs we know and love are almost a month out.

So if you think you're an Aries, you're probably a Pisces, and if you're a Capricorn you're actually a Sagittarius, and if you think you're a Sagittarius, you're actually a 13th sign called Ophiuchus.

Of course, none of that really matters when horoscopes are viewed as little more than entertainment (is it that much worse than reading about the Kardashians?). But it's a problem when a medical hospital suggests that a better understanding of star signs might be a potential treatment for mental health conditions - which are already the most stigmatised and misunderstood diseases in medicine.

While the Hospital Pirovano hasn't officially responded to the complaints, a spokesperson for the Barrial mental health program told Quartz that the program was a community workshop rather than a form of professional psychotherapy. "Its goal is not to heal, but to provide support," they said.

Let's hope in future they can find a way to do that without relying on pseudoscience.