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What is Astrology?

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posted Apr 21, 2017 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Vedic Astrology is one of the sacred sciences of Vedas originated several thousand years ago in India. It is called Jyotish (“science of celestial light”) in Sanskrit. Scientifically speaking, Vedic astrology studies planetary movements and its impact on human life. Sun rays hit the planets with irregular intensity, due to the distance of the planets from the sun. And that spectrum of light is deflected from these planets to earth, and enters the human body through the chakras therefore impacting us physically and mentally. Master Vedic Astrologer carefully assess this astronomical data and by understanding the behavior of the planets at the time of your birth, he measures the effects of the past, the influence of the present and the tendency of events to unfold in the future and thus prepares the detailed Vedic Chart specific to you.

It takes years to master the Vedic astrology. It is important to find a true master Vedic astrologer who can help you by mapping out your detailed Vedic chart and devising remedies to minimize the impact of malefic planets on your life

answer Apr 28, 2017 by Vasishta
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Astrology is a science of the stars – derived from the Latin word – astrologia – study of the stars. In fact, Astrology is a very ancient subject and practice, and it has been practised globally, in many of its forms, since centuries. Astrology is basically related to the study of the cosmos, and how the stars and other planetary objects in the universe influence life on the earth. The predictive use of this subject is relatively newer, as initially the subject was used to study weather and climatic patterns, understand the causes that led to certain events, treat or get rid of an evil eye and many such other things.

The subject of Astrology originally falls under the category of metaphysics, and is based on the age-old theories of energy patterns, such as Reiki, Aura reading, Feng Shui, acupuncture and yoga. Actually, the gravitational forces of different planets have their own effects on the Earth, as well as on the people who live on Earth. Moreover, each of the 12 zodiac signs is a distinct combination of one of the four basic elements of the environment – Earth, Air, Fire, Water – and one of the three fundamental qualities – Cardinal, Fixed, Variable.

Since the dawn of civilisation, Astrology has been commonly used to understand and predict events related to all the areas of our life. Similarly, today Astrology is widely used for personal readings, understanding oneself, and to get an insight about matters related to business, health, finance, career, marriage, wealth, relationships, etc. Although different cultures share common roots in ancient astrological practices, they have devised their unique methodologies. Earlier, western cultures practised Western Astrology, whereas, eastern cultures practised Chinese and Vedic Astrology. But nowadays, all these are commonly practised and enbraced worldwide.

answer May 4, 2017 by anonymous
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