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What is Intuition Line

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posted May 5, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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The intuition line is found on the left hand side of the palm, normally below the small finger and the moon mount.

This line curves away from the centre of the palm. The intuition line rarely touches the heart line and head line. A significant amount of people fail to have this line, thus, it is rather uncommon to possess this line.

If the subject has an intuition line that is clear and well defined then they possess great, and noble psychic abilities. This line was common on many prophet's. Commonly, it may be broken. In some instances, the line will appear only near the head line. When locating the intuition line, it is important to look for any triangular line. The depth of this line is indicative on how deep the subjects will use their intuitive personality.

Function Of Intuition Line

It represents the speed with which the sharpness of the intellectual faculty is operative in a person
It indicates the possession of an intuitional ability of presentiments, strange events, vivid dreams and warnings, and above all in a 'gifted Palm' the faculty of clairvoyance.

enter image description here

Characteristic Features Of Intuition Line


Clear Line, high Mount of Moon - Mesmeric, hypnotizing power.
Starts higher up on the Mount of Moon - Intuitive faculty of the subject under control.
Broken repeatedly - Intuitive tendency by fits and starts - and cannot be relied upon.
Forming a triangle with the Line of Fate and the Line of Head - Strong aptitude for occult sciences.
Presence of an island - Tendency towards somnambulism.
Head line sinks low on the Mount of Moon and the Line of Intuition cuts it - Mental forces injured by allowing too much imagination and intuition to have their say.
A branch runs to the Mount of Jupiter - Ambitious to accomplish something with one's intuitive faculties - often successful occultists.
Ending in a star - Great success in intuitive flashes.
From the Intuition Line a branch merges with the Saturn Line - The exercise of the intuitive faculties will assist the career of the subject.

answer May 5, 2017 by Vasishta