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What are the Major Lines to be Read in palmistry?

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List and their importance

posted May 5, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Palmistry is an art of reading the hands. It is believed that everyone in this world has a destiny, which can be determined by analyzing the lines, rings and mounts on one’s hand. Out of these, lines and rings on the hand of a person are more important in context with palmistry. Let us have a look at the top 10 most important lines and rings, which are found on the hand:

1. Life Line**

Life line is obviously the most important line that can be found on the hand. By analysing it, one can determine how long will the bearer live and the ups and downs that he will face in his life. It starts below the mount of Jupiter (below index figure) and passes through the mount of Venus.

2. Line of Head

Brain is considered to be one of the most important organs of the body and line of head could tell how intelligent is the bearer of the line of head is expected to be. A long and straight line reflects a practical man whereas a curvy line of head means that the person is more creative than practical. It starts below mount of Jupiter and passes straight dividing the palm.

3. Line of Heart

Line of Heart is situated above the Line of Head and it determines the emotional level of a person. A short line indicates possibility of a heart attack and a complete absence of Line of Heart means that the person has no emotions in him and is likely to be of a criminal nature.

4. Line of Fate

The line of fate determines the fortune of a person. A straight and unbroken line of fate means that the person will be lucky in this life while a broken line of fate means that the person is likely to see lots of misfortunes during his life.

5. Line of Sun

Line of sun in situated below the ring finger. It determines the amount of success that a person is likely to attain in his life. A strong line of sun is considered a sign of a successful person.

6. Line of Health

Line of health is situated below the mount of mercury (under the little finger). It can determine the health of a person and generally, it is considered as a good sign, if this line is light or is not present at all; such a person is expected to live a healthy and ailment free life.

7. Line of Marriage

It is a small line situated just above the line of heart at the corner of the mount of mercury. One can have one of more line of marriage. The stronger lines represent marriage relationship while the lighter ones reflect affairs. An absence of line of marriage would mean that the person will not get married in this life.

8. Ring of Saturn

It is in shape of a half moon and it surrounds the middle finger. The person, who has such a ring, is expected to be of a very serious nature and someone who likes to live alone. Generally, it is not considered a good sign to have such a ring on the hand.

9. Ring of Venus

This ring starts from the middle of little finger and ring finger and end in the mid of index finger and middle finger. The bearer of such a ring is likely to be extravagant and is expected to lose his fortune due to this habit.

10. Ring of Sun

This ring occupies position below the sun finger or the ring finger. Like other rings, ring of sun too is not considered to be a good sign. The bearer of such a ring is expected to be too proud and egoist in nature.

answer May 5, 2017 by Vasishta
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