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How Many Marriages Will i Have in Life?

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posted May 5, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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The marriage line is a small line found under the mount of mercury. These lines are placed horizontally at the percussion of the hand between the Line of heart and the base of the Mount of Mercury.

Other names for these Lines:
(1) The Lines of Affection
(2) The Lines of Union
(3) The Lines of Sexuality

Function of Marriage Line

They reveal the sexual 'potency' of an individual.
They also represent certain vital aspects of sex-partnership.

Characteristic Feature Of Marriage Line

Slopes towards the Line of Heart - Widowhood or widower hood
Curves upward - Subject may not marry..
Close to the Heart Line - Matrimony may take place between 18 and 21 years.
A branch touching the Mount of Sun - A brilliant union
Broken - Separation or divorce
Long Line - Affection continues longer
Thin Line - No real strong passion for sex life.
Firstly deep and gradually grows thin - Steady decline of sexual vitality.
Firstly thin and gradually becomes stronger - Increase in sexual vitality.
A single Line - Deep affection relating to opposite sex but normal sexual potentiality.
Many Lines - Presence of periodicity in the display of sexual passion.

Marks On Line

Rising Offshoots - Happy and prosperous married life.
Cross on line - Engagement or marriage will be broken.
Island on the Line - Some unhappiness during the course of affection
Cross on the line - Serious impediment to affection.
Terminates with star - Affection (false) used as a means of exploitation.
Terminates with fork - Separation of married partners due to subject's faults.
A black spot on the Line - Widow hood or widower hood
Full of little islands or downward branches - Subject may not marry.
A short line runs parallels - Relationships existed prior (or after) marriage.
Short line under the marriage line - An affair during marriage.
Begin with forks - Unusual affection

answer May 5, 2017 by Vasishta