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What my Hands Color Say About my Health & Fate

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Will explain how color have influence in health and fate of an individual

posted May 5, 2017 by Aashish Agarwal

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1 Answer

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The color of the palm implies a lot. Observing the palm color of your hand can predict your fate, identify your physical condition and find out the body parts with problems.


You people with red palm are generally hospitable. If your palm is ruddy, bright and in uniform color, it suggests that you are serious and responsible and often do things hands-on; it doesn't mean you don't believe in others but you want to do things better. Therefore, you are always tired but you will get the final success as long as you work hard.

The red palm always suggests the sanguine temperament; if your palm is too red, it suggests that you are irritable and may hit by a stroke. The normal palm is in light red and the color will recover soon once you squash it with your hand; if it recovers too quickly, however, you should beware of anemia; if the red color darkens, it suggests that you have poor heart function; if the palm suddenly changes into red brown, it may be a sign of cerebral hemorrhage. The palm in purple red or black red may indicate the serious heart disease, coronary heart disease or asthma. The palm with granular red dots and always hot is the sign of hypertension, kidney Yin deficiency and diabetes. If you are excessive fatigue, drink alcohol or stay up late in daily life, your palm may become red and you have no need to worry about since it will recover after you have enough rest. This is because the excessive fatigue lead to the insufficient blood supply and the low platelet count, thus the palm becomes red.


You will have good luck in the whole life and often yield twice the result with half the effort.
You people in physical and psychological health always have pink palms.


The relatively white palm suggests reaping without sowing.

The pale palm is a sign of anemia and you'd better go to check in a hospital. At the same time, it may suggest some blood diseases which are more dangerous, such as the early sign of leukemia. If the palm and fingers are all in white, it may indicate the hypotension; if the center of the palm is in white, it may indicate that you have serious stomach trouble recently. In addition, you people suffering from excessive bleeding, postoperative fatigue and postpartum fatigue also have pale palms.


In palmistry, the blue palm always suggests the fear. You people with blue palm always have a special character: you are indifferent, introvert and timid, thus dare not to do something independently; you are very dependent and always need to be cared by others. Generally, this kind of palm is found in in females.

The blue palm is also a sign of poor blood circulation; if you people with blue palm always feel chest distress and short of breath, you should beware of heart disease, gastrointestinal illness or digestive system problem and pay attention to health preserving and regulation.


It suggests the labor work and you people with yellowish palm are difficult to live a upper-middle-class good life and should not gamble.

The earthy yellow palm may be a sign of gallbladder or pancreatic disease and you should beware of biliary duct cancer and gallbladder carcinoma. This kind of palm might also be caused by the chronic intoxication. If the palm is in golden yellow, it is a sign of liver disease while the hardened and light yellow palm losing its elasticity is a sign of palm and toe keratosis.


The black palm indicates the poor health, the painstaking work with obstacles and the bad luck in wealth, thus you should pay more attention to it.

The black palm might be a sign of poor blood circulation, anemia, hypertension, cervical spondylosis or stomach disease; you'd better analyze your recent physical condition and go to check in a hospital. If the palm has prominent dark spots, you should pay particular attention as it might be a sign of organic disease, even cancer.

Dim Color

If the palm is dim, lusterless and dry, it suggests that you will have disaster in terms of wealth, so you should avoid the risky career, such as investment industry; otherwise, you may suffer great loss. On the contrary, if the palm turns brighter, it suggests you will be in good luck.

If the palm is dry and seldom sweats, it suggests you may have lung disease. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the lung is in charge of the skin, thus the poor lung leads to dry skin.


The shiny and white palm is good and it suggests the good luck and wealth; the whiter the palm, the better luck you will have. You people with this kind of palm will have good luck in wealth, successful career and happy marriage.

answer May 5, 2017 by Vasishta