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Can palmistry tell how long a person will live?

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can palmistry predicts the life span of an indivudal

posted May 4, 2017 by Divyasri

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1 Answer

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No. There may be indications of a serious illness or severe dissipation of the life force, so those will be the danger points to watch out for. The will still comes into play. If nothing is actively done, then, sadly, death may be a possibility, but only a possibility and definitely not a certainty. What is important is to take active steps to deal with the negative effects of a danger period. For example, taking better care of the health, or avoiding taking unnecessary risks. There are many cases of terminally ill people who had been given only months or even weeks to live, but who, by dint of their willpower, initiated lifestyle changes and managed to turn back from the brink of death.

answer May 4, 2017 by Vasishta
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