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While it might not be the most ideal option

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Hello, I recently played Runescape when I was browsing these forums and RSOF. Couple of RS gold things made me go away about one year and a half in the past: A lack of interest after I moved to play better MMO's (Dragon Nest, etc) and being preoccupied by studies (still am) and becoming bored with RS in general. I see that the last is the prevalent sentiments of most players now however, I'm digressing.

I went back to Runescape, logged onto and played around. I purchased an Guthix armor set as well as a Zam armor set, as well as my Sara set. All thanks to Treasure Trails, which I received as a one time member. You can see the changes to this section, including single new quests for F2P as well as Squeal O Fortune (which created quite an uproar when it was first released and was a huge hit when it first came out) and Titles. I think the SOF is somewhat boring. The most valuable stuff are available for mems to claim and it's unlikely that they'd put an old statuette (5m) within the rewards.

What can we do? When I was involved, I loved the clan warfare between the Wildy clans prior to the creation of Gamers' Grotto. But most clans today seem to require some degree of commitment.

I'm not sure if I'll be capable of committing to becoming a part of a clan on RS. But, Guild Wars 2 and other better options may become my main game. I would enjoy the ability to log in and join one side of a clan, but that isn't feasible.

This thread was created primarily to solicit suggestions from other players about ways that one can enjoy themselves without being part of any clan. This seems ridiculous because the MMO tag implies that you must be a part of a group to have fun. I'm not certain if this is the case. When I was a novice, I remember being amazed by the sheer magnitude of RS.

Like most gamers, we are past the stage of being able to grind for hours in a single skill. Achievements of skills are fun if you value that, but I got bored of levelling after I reached the 106th level. A +1 on the level is just too much work.

While it might not be the most ideal option, returning as a nostalgic gamer is feasible to a certain degree. It's likely to be the usual expected 'If you don't like this game, go find a game you like and play it' reaction, and that's okay. It's not a bad idea to get some ideas.

Information: I'm unlikely to get mems anytime soon. I am very poor (1k) after having purchased the 3 rare armor sets. But, I do like to wear it with pride :P. Str is highest at 95, Range in 60+, Magic at 72, and Range in 60+. There was a decent amount of food, I was able to OSRS buy gold eat enough to eat for clan wars (mostly Tuna with a few uncooked lobs), Explorers Ring 4 included food, and I was able to get Explorers Ring 4.


Runescape Gold
posted Nov 19 by Weiyismart

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