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How to green your lifestyle

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Unless you've been in a coma for the past decade, I know you've probably heard of the "green" craze. If you've been in a coma, you know that 
green is no longer just for hippies! disposable coffee cups The rest of us finally realized that those hippies were doing something, and we started moving toward a 
greener lifestyle. However, you may still be wondering why and how you should green your behavior.

The planet's resources are finite. double wall coffee cups Make sustainable, environmentally friendly choices and help the planet by using less! Remember, every choice 
you make will have a negative or positive impact on the planet!
Greening it is good for your health. It is always better to choose organic products because there are no pesticides, which can harm health, 
especially if the product is not washed properly. paper tea cups Many towns hold weekly or even biweekly farmers' markets, which are great places to buy local, 
organic produce. Locally grown produce is great because it's fresh. The shorter the distance the food reaches your plate, the better, because 
shorter distances mean less contamination.

How to achieve green life
Walk or bike instead of driving. It's easy! paper tea cups It's not always possible, but try! Pedaling is cheaper than driving a car, and the only pollution it might 
cause is a little sweat.
Say no to paper and plastic. While paper is better than plastic because it is biodegradable, it is also heavier than plastic and therefore puts more 
stress on the trucks carrying it, leading to more pollution. Try to buy reusable bags instead of paper or plastic bags, which are very strong and can 
hold more weight than single-use bags. But if paper bags really suit you, make sure you reuse them a few times before throwing them away.
Unplug anything that glows. If you don't watch TV or use lights, unplug! Plug-ins like these are notorious energy suckers, even when they're not 
being used. Who wants to pay for electricity they don't even use?
Do a full load of laundry. candy paper cups This may seem silly, but think about it. Washing machines use three of our most precious resources: water, energy and, 
most importantly, money. So a small load means a waste of water, energy and money. Also, wash your clothes in cold water instead of lukewarm. 
Ninety percent of the energy consumed by the washing machine is used to heat the water!

Look! Greening your lifestyle is easier than you think! Now is the time to go out and make the world greener!

posted Nov 11 by Papercupwholesaler

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