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Moncler Jackets high

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I assume that "a" stands for Ami, since Moncler also has a women's collection coming out called "Moncler E" that is through a partnership with Erdem. I'm available for hire if you need a PI.

The Fall Winter 2015 range is anchored by an awesome selection of coats and jackets, which combine Moncler's refined performance - wear aesthetic with AMI's affinity for Moncler Jackets high - end casual gear. There's an oversized top coat, a shearling jacket, a herringbone hooded joint, as well as a few down pieces.

Moncler has been the subject of merger speculation after media reports in December, which Ruffini played down at the time, that it had held exploratory talks with Gucci - owner Kering.

That context immediately helped the eye process these fun, freakily strange - looking pieces, which when put together for this lookbook sometimes had a cutely kaiju monstrosity to them. The invertebrate gloopiness of his shapes, the super - perforated Swiss - cheesiness of some of the garments, and the swooshy seagrass shagginess of his faux fur boots resembled alien survival gear, or outfits for an Arctic Circle rave.

We loved the fact that we had two very senior mentors that checked in with us regularly to talk about our disciplines, career goals and next steps. It was great that they came from two different professional backgrounds as we got to benefit from their different outlooks and opinions. They gave us lots of resources, references and books to help us on our way.

The legacy brand is Moncler, the Italian purveyor of all manner of puffy coats, and the collaborator is Hiroshi Fujiwara, who runs the extra - cool Japan - based label Fragment. 

posted Nov 10 by Monclersos

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