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PVP has become nothing but an exchange?

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But I'm not here to sprinkle nostalgia on your face. RS has released a massive amount of updates in the past year, including chaos, godwars (which I hate), godwars, nex and corp, as well as mounds of other high-level information. Although the requirements are not an issue for me, I do have a few other things I do not have however, I admit that if I had more time, I'd have them all.

The community has experienced the most changes in RuneScape. The majority of older players, who used to be members of large clans have grown up over the three years since PKing was eliminated. The new generation of players is here, there's no going back. Adding the wilderness isn't going to change anything back. PVP has been an absolute nightmare for me.

PVP has become nothing but an exchange of insults over x then an excuse for x. It's difficult to locate PVM groups that aren't an LS-mass group for me, since I don’t play enough to have an unruly weapon or 160M to buy chaos.

I'm not blatantly insulting anyone or anyone else. In fact, I'm just being a woman in this kind of thing. But, I think that runescape has become more popular in the past three-four years. I don't have anything against anybody. I've played for longer and have even met some cool 09ers.

It's odd to me that being the boss at my level and being able to purchase several levels for over 100 million dollars has become a requirement. It's crazy that maging DKs using firebolt was normal. People who are at my level have been playing for half as long as me and are really into runescape. I don't like being the free player that people see and say things like, "wow 99 mage you are an a**." But I feel that things are getting too serious. I hope that people can see the ramifications I'm coming from.

I was thinking about minigames that are currently in the wilderness, which will soon be relocated to a "Gamer's Grotto" north of Falador. But so it appears the overall concept is terrible. They will just be put in some random location instead of ensuring that minigames get moved to the correct locations according to their background.

In any event, I decided to take an examination of what minigames were actually in the wilderness such as Clan Wars. Most of them appear to be incredibly "wild-centred", that is to say they don't make sense just dumped somewhere else.

The Mage Arena is scary because it's located in the north and you run the risk of being attacked on your way (and similarly, you won't be able to fight with the same gear in case you get attacked), all that is fired up happens in the wilderness, and removing it would be nonsensical as it is an effort to show that a wilderness protection strategy can work, stealing creation is a place devoted to the worship and reincarnation of the ghosts of the revenant that plague the godwars battlefields and the fist of Guthix is an ancient battle site protected by the druids from Guthix where warriors from all over the world are battling daily to get some of the strength.

I understand that activities 2 & 3 on the list will stay, and also understand the fact that Clan Wars does not necessarily need to be a wilderness-based game. The possibility of fighting against one another for the purpose of training could easily be relocated to, say the famous Al Kharid duel arena. It will be fine to let the mages construct a few interdimensional portals with the same magic as that used to create POHs (yes there's a backstory! ), and it is a great idea.

It might be possible that the revenants who are now trapped in a cave that are stealing creation, could be moved. The centre should have the mystic's tent.

Fist of Guthix must go, but why? It's located in low level wilderness. There is no need to bring anything. Players have the option of teleport this is great as it is possible to be killed, but you won't lose anything. Personally, I'd be content.

I am curious to know whether Sir Amik is actually a knight. I know the White Knights (By Guthix I wish they had a better name, like the Kinshra have) are an organisation that is both military and political, but in feudal society (yes I do know that RuneScape pays no heed whatsoever to the way countries were run, or the size of the territory for that matter... the world is way too small) a knight is right in the middle, while a king is at the top, only beaten by an emperor.

Amik would have a peerage in the event that he was the head of the King's horse. Also that would make Burthorpe an official principality (I'm thinking that the principality is massive and the town is just the capital).
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posted Nov 6 by Wuyahong

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will it affect in future, or it is just a belief to trust the future ills, if that is a case of my future health issues how do i prevent those possibilities?

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Because it is situated in the north The Mage Arena can be dangerous and you may get attacked. Additionally, you cannot fight with the same gear in the event you are attacked. Stolen Creation is a camp dedicated to the worship of and reincarnation by ghosts who haunt the godwars battlefields. The fist is guthix, an ancient battle site that is guarded and maintained by the Druids of Guthix, is where many warriors gather to fight each day, and to gain the arena's's's's's's's.

I understand that activities 2 & 3 on the list will stay as is, but also realize that Clan Wars does not necessarily have to be wilderness focused-the ability to fight against one another for the purpose of training could easily be relocated to, say the famous Al Kharid duel arena. It is possible to have the mages create some interdimensional portals using the same magic that created POHs (yes, there is an explanation! ), and it is a great idea.

The possibility of stealing the creation could be possible given that the revenants have now been confined to a cave. I believe the central location of the mystic's retreat is the best.

Why is Fist of Guthix required to go? It's located in low-level wilderness. You don't have to carry anything. Teleporting is an option to players. There is a chance that you will get killed, but it will not cost you any money. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

I was interested to know whether Sir Amik Varze really is a knight. I'm aware that the White Knights (By Guthix I would prefer a different name, similar to the one that the Kinshra have) are an organisation that is both military and political, but in feudal society (yes I know that RuneScape pays no heed whatsoever to the way the country was run, or even the the size of the territory for that matter... the world is way too small) Knights are in the middle, while a king is at the top, only beaten by an emperor.
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My favorite bone yard, the old one is gone. I hope this will return. Are new players aware of some of the places that were used for battles? The dark castle was empty. I had a larger list of things to add but it's now empty. There could be more things that I can add.

The Routine: We often see these merchanting clans pick specific items each day and then wait a specified time to sell them at a higher rate. This is due to the fact that they earn a profit and everybody else is afflicted by inflammation.
What are these clan leaders looking at? How can they determine the best item to sell? It's not difficult as jagex provides the answer to that very problem... The Grand Exchange part of the website is available here. You can find information like the price fluctuations in the current runescape market.

The section that you will be exploring will most likely be the 'Price Drops' for it is here where you will discover the top items for a merchant. It is the most basic and reliable way to make money since other players are aware about it so the more you purchase, and the more others purchase, the more the prise rises.

Here are some suggestions to make use of the 100 most sought-after items that drop. Beware of 'air runses', which could be risky since there are a lot available on the market. The money you spend can be used for specific items, such as armor and ore.

You should make sure that the product you are looking for has decreased in value only on a daily basis and monthly. Ignore any item that was reduced in price for more than 180 days prior. Since I've lost a lot of money for items that have dropped by more than 4 percent over the past seven days, I will never purchase them.

Special Items(Usually not listed on the list of top 100): There are special items like specific types of fish or ores that aren't often seen on the top 100 since they decline at a rapid rate, it's not enough to make it onto the list. Merchant clans are where they make most of their income. They will spend about an hour researching the prices of items that were famous for soaring from the bottom in just three days.

You can accomplish this in one of two ways... look on the internet for these types of items(I will personally provide a little list for those interested) or use a program designated to finding the best of the top merchandise for the week. While these are important items such as food items and other "skilling objects", they can be difficult to locate. This is a list of items I consider to be the best merch to sell in short periods of time. It is also possible to get your friends on board so they can help increase the price by buying more of the same type of product.

This is my personal top ten list, which I merchwith... I'm not going to share this list out since I'm done runescape merchandising and am focusing more on spending time with my skills. Best of luck! Good Luck to everyone! (Oh and I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong place and move it to the right place if you must)

I cannot really speak much about the female vocal. I'm really confused about what could be behind the door, maybe someone associated with Zaros? I'm hoping that the story is interesting and has a story to tell, not just "Here's another boss." Strike, fight and kill. Update

I'm praying to God they use there random dungeon generator to add an extra challenge before the boss. In terms of teamwork, why don't they have a mechanic that blocks one player, and another player must rescue them? It's the simplest way. This is true, however in the event that the random dungeon maker were to be employed, it will require a maximum level to handle any challenges. This way you won't be in danger if the whole of the dungeon has been suddenly cut off by one door.

I think that the disabling concept could be a great idea and go along with the notion of teamwork. For instance it could be possible to create a deep freezer attack that targets only one player at a time. Then it would be melting slowly (not infinite, so if unprotected it can escape). This could force players into a group of at least two.
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The slayer helm/full black mask can boost your cool factor by the form of a percentage. It can also assist when you are begging. You can save money by being stingy when you invest in German software companies and expensive skills like prayer.

The drawbacks are that it takes time to earn any cash unless one chooses to stalk, which can result in a lot more abuse and beatings. However, it's worthwhile. Once you can identify a person who is religious and begin to earn a lot of cash.

I have been wandering about Runescape for the last couple of hours in a fog. What made RS so special at the time was all the small guilds and organizations that came up independently. Jagex is not involved in this thread.

World 66 Laws The oldest of the member organisations, the idea behind it is simple. They give you essense and lawful advice back. Red robes are worn by official crafters. World 16 AirsSimilar to law-running. All you have to do is give the craftsmen some essence and they will give you some airs. World 132 Yanille FetchersThis is a spot for fletchers, far from the hustle and bustle of the banks. Are there other areas where people just want to gather and learn in peace?

This is why you should be boss

Here are the advantages of bossing. It's not beneficial for lower levels however it can be helpful when you reach a decent combat level. Benefits ---- when you are bossing you also raise the value of your bank slowly. It's wonderful to have a variety of drops and not become bored. After bossing for some time, I can guarantee that you will get enough turmoil (maybe even 99) and yak(charms as well) and possibly overloads, pro equipment 99 mage, and range to decide how you spend your money.

High leveled people that boss can get you riches such as the divine sigil, god of wars items from the dungeon, and even torva armor. It's not even necessary to be a herb-lover, as most teams don't require overkills.

The bandos/fire cape armour/ chaotic weapons can increase your percentage in getting kills and getting into teams. It can be a huge help when trying to afford things that are valuable, like party hats. You can save money by using effigies that bosses will drop (ONLY SOLO'S). People who fear being bossed because of their low level are still able to do great for their bosses and might even be able earn a lot of money by using the amazing lootshare system.

Disadvantages----Takes extremely long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or torva armour from nex and can get frustrating but the effort is well worth it. When you've got more requirements, such as extremes and chaos, or chaotic weapons, you won't start seeing many drops. Only then will it be easier to join good teams. Discuss the drawbacks and advantages of being bossy.
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