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Numerology for home

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What is the effect of number 6 while buying a home???effect of 6 is good or bad ??

posted Jun 28, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Number 6 house is perfect for families, couples, or artists. This home brings in a perfect balance of beauty, love and harmony. Under the positive influence of this number you will probably make some wonderful friends and some beautiful memories. The closeness of family, pets and loved ones are felt in the 6 home. You will be a perfect host to your guests since people will feel immediately welcomed when they walk into your home because of the balanced energy. Children and elders will have a wonderful time here, since there is a lot of nurturing and attention shown towards them. Disagreement has no prominence in this home. Almost every type of person can feel happy in a 6 home. And its your luck that you live here!
A number 6 house is certain to be a most attractive and artistically decorated house. It is best to have art and beauty around you, so you would want to decorate your home with pretty colors, comfortable furniture, and plants. There is usually a predominance of pastel shades in the basic colour scheme, and often a preference for pink or aqua - the overall effect being one of harmony and calmness.

However, this home also brings few challenges. Since it promotes family responsibility, you might be all occupied with catering to everyone's needs, keeping aside your 'me' time. Your love for the house would make you never want to leave the house, but it is always good to socialize well. Since this home is also about balance, love and hatred, attraction and repulsion might be evident at times. Keep a check on your actions, since in this house, what goes around - comes back around!

answer Jun 28, 2017 by anonymous
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