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We are planning to open up a bar cum restaurant.

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We are planning to overtake an already set up bar cum restaurant right on highway..

As we are taking over .. kindly help us in stating the initial set up as per vastu plan especially focussing on kitchen bar counter and seating area .

Kindly help

posted Jun 28 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

We have consultants on our network, who can provide more personalised Vastu report for your home/office.
Following information will be required for the report:

Date of Birth of the occupant Name of the occupant

Place of Birth of the occupant

Property Address including locality,


Property floor-plan detailing different types of rooms, windows, doors along with Directions Information on Staircase, lift, pathway leading to entrance of the property

Description of the area surrounding the property (direction wise) In case the property is already occupied - Information on a. details on each item in the property, their location, direction, colour, material type - room wise. Colour of walls and ceiling - room wise.

You can send this detail at also.

answer Jun 28 by anonymous